Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jet - pups December 31, 2011

four pups born. One honking huge one. two were DOA.

She died as a result.

Raising up two kits that survived birthing.

For a sow that was not supposed to be bred - and came as a rescue from folks "allergic" to her, this sow was bred before getting here as running with the boar would have had her due mid-January at the very earliest. This kind of stuff angers me.

Makes me wonder what she was bred with....

anyways, her two kits are looking good. Lively, warm since they are with a boar and a sow. Both will do good at teaching the pups what to eat. :)

Feeding them hay, pumpkin with mashed pellets, will get oatmeal in the mornings. We'll see how they go.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rosa - Kindles, December 20, 2011

After a protracted pre-birth event (starting the previous day at 8 p.m.) Rosa gave birth to two bouncing darkish kits at 4 p.m. December 20. Will be interesting to see what they turn out to be.

Fostered two lightly marked broken kits from Minx to her. This will help keep her own kits warm during this chilly weather.

I'm glad this small doe did fine with delivery, she was starting to get me worried with how long the birthing was going. The kits weren't all that large either. Hopefully next time things will go more smoothly for her.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Currently available Guinea pigs

this one is from Splotch. He's an active, talkative young lad. Smooth coat.
These are two boys from Connie. They have a soft, silky feel to their coats. The white face one I often call Pixie because that's what he makes me think of when I look at his face. Both are like mom and are quieter pigs.

this is OB, nice young pig. Born this summer. Kept because of his colour.
Decent pig, good size to him. Has some wispy hairs on his backend, otherwise a normal smooth coat. Bossy with other adult pigs, is good with young pigs.

Slip - November 5, 2011 - litter pics

Two boys and two girls in this mixed breed litter.
Slip is one of my favourite does. Bred her to a couple different holland lop bucks. Got a bit of a mixed bag for offspring. :)

the girls

the boys

Dusty - October 27, 2011 - litter pics

Buck, solid black - SOLD

buck, solid black - SOLD

doe, solid black - SOLD private sale

Kylee - October 31 - litter pics

Male, broken black - SOLD private sale
male, solid black - SOLD

Wendy - October 29, 2011 - kit pics

this little girl went as a trade to an established breeder home for a wee polish girlie.

I had intended to keep this girl, but sold her instead as I can't keep everything. :)
she went to private sale

this boy remains for sale

this boy sold to private home

Minx - kindles December 18, 2011

Minx, who didn't look preggers, or even act preggers other than making a tunnel in her nestbox, gave me a surprising 8 kits this morning.

All but two I suspect are broken. the one is a whitish in colour, the other is a dark kit.

Time will tell what they end up being.

Dad is Blaze.

New Bunnies

So I heard from a rabbit friend that a rabbit lady was selling out some of her bunnies, so I contacted her.

I have four new polish in my herd and helped another rabbit breeder get a buck. :)

I have Jade, Popper, Magic and Tara.

Jade is chocolate, broodsize, proven doe.
Popper is a lovely broken black buck.
Magic is a nice black doe.
Tara is a broken blue doe that I don't really need, but can find a good use for. :) and will add more broken to my herd which I prefer.Link

Jade and Tara have had no issues adjusting to life in my herd. Magic and Popper have both needed some encouragement to believe that life here will be okay (I gave them some parsley and carrots and some probiotics to give them a kick start).

They come from Diane of Sunnyheights Rabbitry.

Betty has once again missed in breeding. She gets one more kick at the can before she heads off to a pet home. It's a crying shame as she is a lovely young doe, but keeping an non-productive doe simply doesn't work long term for me.

Shar - December 15, 2011

five kits

Shar is dad.

all magpies as was expected. :) one kit is a fair bit smaller.

Shar is being a good first time mom, needed some encouragement to pull sufficient fur to keep the kits warm though.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sold and bred

Sold three kits today, a rescue doe, a harlequin doe and a new zealand/harlequin mix buck. Went to a lady out in Tavistock area who is wanting to start a colony of bunnies.

Then I bred Bella to Aero Bar and Nicky to Rustic.

I took pics of almost all my kits and some of my seniors, and hope to get them up on my new website tonight. I am still trying to sort out colours on two of Wendy's kits.

thanks all I got tonight. :) I'll probably post pics of kits up here tonight as well. Litter pics and all that. :)Link

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bunny Chat

I was disappointed this morning to see that Nicky's litter was dead, but thrilled to see Meggie's. This is unfortunately the reality in raising bunnies is that sometimes things don't work the way you want them too.

I moved some kits around to make room. Violet and Vivian live together and are getting to the age where if things are going to go poorly they will, occasionally I see tuffs of fur but for the most part they are doing well. I am hopeful to live them together for a good spell yet, but now I have a cage available should I need it.

Rustic is proving to be a total little character. He's the new buck I got from Les.

I was given a sweet little ND buck the other day. He'll be looking for a home since I simply have no need for an ND buck. Very nicely tempered. He was desperate for a nail trim so that went well.

What else??? Went over to a friends the other day and helped her with the whole breeding her bunnies thing, offered a helping hand in other ways as well. We had a nice visit.

Meggie - December 7, 2011, kindles

Miss Meggie kindled last night.

NINE kits. I would not have suspected this small doe had nine in her.
Three were unfortunately dead, but we have six thriving youngsters.

They look to be magpie or harlequin in colouring which is way cool.

Aero Bar is the daddy.

Nicky - Kindles, December 7, 2011

two kits, doa

One kit was somewhat stretched so suspect difficult delivery.

Mitch the sire.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

looking for a home

this girlie is looking for a new home.

A spring 2011 baby, she's a mini rex doe.

Opal in colour, I have to look up her parentage first to find out exactly who she is from. I'm guessing an AMR cinnamon cross donatello OR rockstar (thinking 'tello though).

Best offer, thinking in the range of $15.

Return and New Home

So I sold a bunch of kits last weekend. All raised the same, all acting the same, all doing well...

Had been breathing fast the day before, but otherwise seemed fine. I'm thinking it was stress of the move or something as all the others are fine but for this one, and it was exactly like the others before it went to it's new home.

Anyways, I said okay, I can replace him. These are the two boys I have coming up, though you'll have to wait for them to mature a bit.

Person didn't like either, asked if could replace with a doe, if she paid the difference in price. Said sure, why not.

THEN I got a call from a gal who bought some bunnies in the spring. Could she return them?

Uh, sure (me thinking ACK! I have NO ROOM!) but I guarantee a return place so I figured something out... some crowding will happen for a short while and some piggies will have young bunny company. of them was a black otter buck...EXACTLY what the owner wanted. Took a pic... the person said WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I want him!

So...she's getting a six month old little buck who is actually of better quality than what she bought, in the colour that she really really really likes. Really tame, really social, just a nice little rabbit. I'm tempted to use him on one of my does before he goes to his new place.

Pretty cool eh?

I think it's so neat sometimes how God works things out.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So.. I have the tent...

covered over with the extra tarps for the winter.

Good to have that done. So glad I got it done last week before this mornings snow hit.

Bunnies seem to be handling the change in weather okay.

Biscuit's litter of 12 (remaining) seems to be doing well overall. One of the small ones was looking a bit thin this morning.

Wendy's kits are doing well. One is a small kit so I'll be hanging on it for a bit to make sure it is good and strong before selling it. I think it's a doe, but it's so small it's harder for these middle-aged eyes to see.

Slips kits are VERY cute. Funny how some litters just make a body smile...but slips kits do that for me. Crossbreds so I'll sell them for $10-15.

The polish kits are a bit 'busy'. interesting to see how using a different buck affects what the kits are like. Laddie's kits were always very calm and unflappable, but these guys are a bit busier. Not skittish or nutty, just busier. Will be interesting to see how they mature.

Peek's kits are per normal. Very calm, nothing bugs them kits. Wish I'd had a couple more does in the litter, just have the one girl who isn't particularly impressing me yet. But not every rabbit is impressive.

The rescue kits are growing well, blossoms' kits I think will finish out well. Nice to watch them grow and develop and see if what I think is a good rabbit as a baby actually turns out that way. I'm getting better all the time at knowing which kits will finish well.

I pretty much have it with the meat type rabbits, still getting there with the polish. The hollands I am bringing down their size all the time. :) and finding that variety in colour is a really good thing. :) I do like the colour chocolate...but I LOVE the chin look. Just don't want all chin or it's hard to tell one from another. :)

so enough of me rambling... it's just fine to talk rabbits. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Biscuit - Kindles November 27, 2011

13 kits for miss biscuit today.

Shade is a first time daddy! :)

at this point they seem a variety of shadings, but they are brand new so hard to tell for sure.

Two are quite small.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hard Lesson Learned

see this litter box?
See the label attached to it?

Make good and sure that you remove it from your litter box before letting your rabbit use it.

Did you know that even if YOU can't get it off... your rabbit might.
AND if your rabbit possibly can get it off... it means that your rabbit can possibly EAT IT!

Don't lose your rabbit like I did.

I found a two inch piece in his tummy after I culled him for pulling the litter box label off it, going off feed really fast, and suffering.

Really really really not a good way to lose a rabbit.

NOTE: this litter box I had (quite similar to the one it the picture, just yellow) had been WELL USED by countless rabbits. I was unable to get the label off, other rabbits didn't even try so .. I assumed that it would be just fine. THIS particular rabbit was NOT just fine with it and ripped it off and in process swallowed a piece. HOW he got a two inch piece down his throat I don't know.. but he did.

So.. MAKE GOOD AND SURE that all labels are removed before letting your rabbit have it. PLEASE!

Suggestions given to me about how to get a label off:

Blast the label with hot air from a hair dryer to soften the adhesive.
Soak in hot water and scrape off.
Apply some type of oil.
Use Acetone. (Some nail polish removers contain acetone, or find it in the paint dept.)
Razor blades work well on glass surfaces.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's done.. finally

So it took a while but I finally managed to get all the racks cleaned and the plastic replaced.

Instead of replacing the one rack I ended up just reinforcing the one I have. I got it from being 8 inches off tilt to the side and 4 inches forward, to being 2 inches off tilt to the side and one inch leaning forward. I'll look at replacing it in the spring, my youngest brother has ideas about how to make them work better for me. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with. :)

Yesterday I took pics of all my babies and I'm hoping to get ads up on Kijiji tonight with them. But I'm not sure.

Found someone who wants to take my DOA kits, she's hoping to use them as cat food, so it will be nice to have them put to use rather than being wasted.

The rescue doe I took in is busy making a nest so it will be confirming her previous owners suspicion that she's preggers. Hopefully she'll do well kindling as her age is unknown. And the other rescue doe is being miss grumpy face. She's pending a home so hopefully her attitude will improve as I won't send her out being a less than trustworthy young beastie. She's starting to eat pellets and she wasn't as grumpy today as she has been so hopefully she's turning a "you are safe and I'm okay corner".

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Connie pups - November 5, 2011

Three pups, Elmo is dad.

all smooth coated.
All male.

Slip - kindles, November 5, 2011

four kits.

this is a mixed breed litter, just wanted a back up doe.

Mind you.. the doe she was back up for didn't kindle so that was a bit silly of me. :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Nicky - Sept 18, 2011 pics

This has been a very quiet, friendly litter. Nice kits with good possibilities. All are good looking kits, with nice personalities.

Broken black boy - keeping
Black boy
Broken black Girl - sold private sale

Dazzle's Own (D) - September 12, 2011 Pics

This litter is a mixed bag of parentage. Some nz cross, some holland lop cross, others harlequin. Not sure who all is which. The kits are all varied in personality which is interesting to see.

Tricolour Boy
Black magpie boy
Black magpie Boy
Lilac magpie Girl
Lop Eared Girlie, black magpie

Blossom - Sept 25, 2011pics

BlueMagpie boy
White Girl
Lilac magpie girl - sold private sale Lilacl magpie boy

Minx - Sept 24 2011 kits

Solid black Doe
Broken blue buck - pending private sale
Broken Seal Doe - sold private sale

Biscuit Sept 19 2011 litter

of the 13 kits born, 12 made it to weaning.

The boys

The Girls

Middle one is sold

Monday, October 31, 2011

Jayda - October 30, 2011,kindles

Two dead kits, dad is Mitch.

This was disappointing but not unexpected.

Kylee - kindles, October 31

two kits, one broken black, one solid black.

Dad is Spencer.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wendy - October 29, 2011 - kindles

First time mom Wendy made a fine nest during chores this morning, and followed that up with five kits.

They range in colour from light to dark. Will be interesting to see how the litter turns out.

Bandit is dad.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shale - October 27, 2011

Shale had singleton female pup.

Tigger is the dad (called him Ben here, but real name is Tigger).

It is a crested. Is a good mix of colours between the two.

Dusty - Kindles, October 27, 2011

Dusty just had her babies. I saw them just after they were born.

Three solid, one broken peanut. Expect the solids will be black.

Mitch is a daddy here!!! :)

Splotch - October 21, 2011

two male pups.

Both are pending sale to my rabbit care person.

Elmo (rescue male) is dad.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stella - October 17, 2011

Five kits Stella has given me off Blaze.

Look to be one tricolour, two magpies and one japanese and possibly one other tricolour, time will tell for sure.

MB would like a buck should we happen to get one. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Janey - October 14, 2011

not sure who did as everyone looks the same as before. Thought it might have been spotty but she pupped Sept 2, so has to be someone else.

but I don't know who.

it just doesn't make sense since Spotty is the only skinny one...

I finally figured it out, it was Janey. Figured it out by watching them closely and went hmmm... those pups are following her around a bit, wonder if she's mom. Picked her up, gave her a good going over and said, YES,.. I believe you are the momma. You don't look much thinner but picked up you feel lighter. :)

So Elmo (a short stay rescue) is the dad. I had run him with the girls to get some good socialization time in as he was pushing with other piggies and the ladies helped to chill him out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

God's Grace

So today was Canadian Thanksgiving.

We went to my folks for lunch. We had an enjoyable time.

Got back, I went out to check on bunnies as I had a couple litters due. Got out there just in time! Four kits on the wire, three cold, one warm. stuck the warm one in a nest and stuck the other three in my bra and then bundled about tidying up nestboxes, making sure everyone will be able to stay warm over the next couple of days as it gets colder out.

Once kitlets were warm again I put them into their respective nests.

So thankful that God planned that out so well for us. I dislike losing kits if I don't need.

Peek-a-mommy - kindles October 10, 2011

7 kits, two found on the wire.

Only one was cold though, so warmed him up.

Peek fed her litter after I changed out the dirty stuff and made her a better nest.

Bug is dad.

Tami - kindles, October 10, 2011

8 kits born.

Blaze is dad.

Two were found on the wire so needed to be warmed up.

Looks at this point to be a mix of chestnuts and tricolours. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kacee's kits from August 27, 2011

Daughter I'm keeping

Son for sale $25

Daughter for sale $25

daughter for sale $25

New pictures taken and a query

I got pictures of ALL the bunnies I need to get them onto my websites. I'm in process of building a new one. Here's the old one and here's the new one. If you have a moment can you tell me what you think? I want to make the new site highly informative and yet keep it as friendly as my old site is. What I like in the weebly one is that I can make drop down menus. What I dislike in weebly is I haven't figured out how I can put multiple pictures into one on "box". So far I can only put one in which I find bothersome. It is SO easy to do with the webs site. Does anyone know how to do that with weebly? put multiple pictures in one 'box"? thanks for helping if you do. :)

here are some of the pics I took.

A harlequin baby girl ready to sell.

My old girl Slip

and some babies from Minx.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blossom - kindles Sept 25, 2011

Five kits born, one DOA.

Pulled a bit of fur but really not enough so I supplemented. one of them is very much a complainer.

Having a bit a yellow jacket problem so needing to figure out how to get rid of them, as I don't want them going after my babies.

Dad is Bug.

Blossom is a first time mommy.

The REW was a shock. Didn't expect that at all.

Minx - kindles Sept 24, 2011

We have three kits by Blaze off Minx.

one solid, two brokens. Time will tell how they turn out.

I was thinking this little girl was not preggers so am delighted that she had kits. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Other news

I have three more does due today. Blossom has been eating less over the past three days so hopefully she'll kindle, Minx has been acting no different and if she kindles I'll be surprised, and Dusty has been madly digging in her box for the past week or so, therefore I expect kits from her (unless she just likes being a mad digger).. I've had that before so it just makes me shake my head. :) Sometimes does are very silly. :) All three of these does are new moms.

So I ended up losing all the kits in Stella's litter. As much as it bothers me to lose kits (and it very much does) I find it educational. Four kits in with Stella. Three of her own, one foster. Her milk production goes down...her three kits immediately start to have issues, her foster does a couple days later. I lose her three kits as the foster is starting to get better. All were fed the same. Why is the foster improving while her three didn't make it? The only thing I can come up with is different genetics. Different mom, different dad. It intrigues me.

Betty - kindles, Sept 24, 2011

I came in this morning to find one tiny dead kit in the nestbox.

Betty seemed fine so I left her after removing the kit.

I finished chores and then thought I'll pull her out and rebreed her as I bred a netherland dwarf yesterday as a test breeding for a young buck. She was acting very eager so that would make it an easy test for him.

Discovered she had a stuck kit. I assisted her in getting it out (just applied some gentle pulling on an alternating angle - I learned to do this as a child on a farm when assisting cattle to calve). She found that somewhat uncomfortable but was acting even more normal when it was done. Left her with her nestbox on the off chance that she had another kit behind it. The kits head was very large and discoloured.

I won't rebreed her for a week.

She ended up having one more normal sized kit later in the afternoon. DOA.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Four Sick Babies

So for the past week I've been dealing with four sick baby rabbits.

All housed with Stella. Everyone else in the rabbitry is unaffected. They all get fed the same.

Stella has been not the best momma for milk with her pups. She started strong but gradually decreased in her milk supply which meant her pups were forced to start eating solids sooner than they would have liked without the balancing act of momma's milk to help their tummies adapt.

I've been supporting them with oats, hay, probiotics, prickly lettuce, banana etc. All sorts of things that are good for bunny tummies. I've been encouraging them to keep moving as I've learned that bunnies that sit and sulk in illness generally die quickly. They are fighting against mucoid entropathy which is a dangerous and generally deadly disease for bunnies.

One has definitely rebounded, a foster from another litter. he's doing well. he's a bit on the small side but in time he'll be just fine I expect.

A second, not a foster, looks to be VERY weak at this point, but is nibbling grass and sniffing at the oatmeal this morning. Starting to drink a bit better... so I am hopeful.

A third lost the battle this morning.

The fourth I am still fighting with to support. It's been the strongest and the biggest of the bunch so has a bit more "oomph" behind it. Time will tell how it does.

Over time I've learned this illness has a genetic component to it. As I've weeded out rabbits that seem susceptible to it I generally don't have to deal with it. My last case was over a year ago so this came as a bit of a surprise. Stella is a new doe to the rabbitry as is Blaze. I've noted with Blaze in the past that while the kits are adjusting to solid food their poops get really sticky and I generally have to do a bum trim of hair to keep them clean. So my guess is that with Stella's milk issue and Blaze's tummy adjustment issue that the kits got hit with a double whammy. The changing weather patterns may have played a role as well.

Eric - Sept 23, 2011

This is Eric.

Eric (also called Darwin) by our son is no longer with us.

We got him from a show breeder of Guinea Pigs. Eric was one of the finest, nicest pigs I've ever known. A very solid pig.

Over the summer he has steadily been getting thinner, and two weeks ago I noticed he had a small lump on his side. Over the past two weeks that lump has continued to get larger. This morning he passed away.

His wheeking will be missed.