Friday, January 9, 2009

Dayle Kindles - January 9, 2009

One day early.

This girlie surprised me as I was thinking that she missed. And here she ended up with five tiny babies. all dark. Rather cool.

Pulled lots of fur, which is very good to see.

Am thinking of bringing them in for the night as they are very tiny.UPDATE: brought them into the house for a week, and then the bitterly cold weather broke and they were fine to stay outside.

So far it looks like they will all be black. :) Time will tell for sure. One is almost regular size, one is very tiny, the other three are just small for mini rex.





Sunday, January 4, 2009

Guinea Pig Pictures

So I'm clearing out some of my pics from my pictures file on the computer. Don't need to keep them all, but keeping track isn't a bad thing to do.

We don't have all these piggies anymore but pics are always nice to see.

Nice sow, wouldn't get pregnant

this was binnie - sold this past spring

reese - we still have her

this one is sold.