Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's done.. finally

So it took a while but I finally managed to get all the racks cleaned and the plastic replaced.

Instead of replacing the one rack I ended up just reinforcing the one I have. I got it from being 8 inches off tilt to the side and 4 inches forward, to being 2 inches off tilt to the side and one inch leaning forward. I'll look at replacing it in the spring, my youngest brother has ideas about how to make them work better for me. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with. :)

Yesterday I took pics of all my babies and I'm hoping to get ads up on Kijiji tonight with them. But I'm not sure.

Found someone who wants to take my DOA kits, she's hoping to use them as cat food, so it will be nice to have them put to use rather than being wasted.

The rescue doe I took in is busy making a nest so it will be confirming her previous owners suspicion that she's preggers. Hopefully she'll do well kindling as her age is unknown. And the other rescue doe is being miss grumpy face. She's pending a home so hopefully her attitude will improve as I won't send her out being a less than trustworthy young beastie. She's starting to eat pellets and she wasn't as grumpy today as she has been so hopefully she's turning a "you are safe and I'm okay corner".

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