Friday, November 4, 2011

Nicky - Sept 18, 2011 pics

This has been a very quiet, friendly litter. Nice kits with good possibilities. All are good looking kits, with nice personalities.

Broken black boy - keeping
Black boy
Broken black Girl - sold private sale

Dazzle's Own (D) - September 12, 2011 Pics

This litter is a mixed bag of parentage. Some nz cross, some holland lop cross, others harlequin. Not sure who all is which. The kits are all varied in personality which is interesting to see.

Tricolour Boy
Black magpie boy
Black magpie Boy
Lilac magpie Girl
Lop Eared Girlie, black magpie

Blossom - Sept 25, 2011pics

BlueMagpie boy
White Girl
Lilac magpie girl - sold private sale Lilacl magpie boy

Minx - Sept 24 2011 kits

Solid black Doe
Broken blue buck - pending private sale
Broken Seal Doe - sold private sale

Biscuit Sept 19 2011 litter

of the 13 kits born, 12 made it to weaning.

The boys

The Girls

Middle one is sold

Monday, October 31, 2011

Jayda - October 30, 2011,kindles

Two dead kits, dad is Mitch.

This was disappointing but not unexpected.

Kylee - kindles, October 31

two kits, one broken black, one solid black.

Dad is Spencer.