Friday, August 12, 2011

Connie pups - August 12, 2011

seven pups. One DOA.

The lad got to watch and we saved one of them as momma had failed to pull the sack away from the nose. It was a lovely light coloured pup.

Four brown, two light, the DOA was also a brown one.

Dad is Eric (or Darwin as the lad calls him).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yesterday I cleaned

and rearranged the grey tent. I took the disorganization and turned into a better situation.

I moved the canoe to a more handy location. Stacked my spare cages and trailer cases where the canoe used to be. Rearranged all my small pieces of wood.

I still need to stack my bricks in an appropriate spot and need to clean up some remaining "stuff" that's lying here and there. But's looking much better.

I moved where I had the hay so it will be more sheltered. now to FIND hay and straw. :)

Put the stackers up on shelves.

Even found a place to hide things I wasn't using! Like guinea pig stuff and litter boxes (which I don't use). if the rabbit rescue ever wants them she can dig them out they will be in one central spot.

It's not all completely done. But it is MUCH better than what it was. I'm pleased by that. Makes me feel better in my head as I was feeling too overwhelmed by everything lately, it was giving me headaches and I wasn't sleeping well.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Janey - August 7, 2011

four pups.
handled birthing really well.

Dad is Eric.

Nice young sow who have three boys, one girl. the girl is darkest of the litter.