Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cinnamon Kindles - May 22, 2011

Completely forgot to write this in here.

Cinnamon had three kits on the 22 of May.
Father: Donatello

Each kit is a different colour.

Winter Mess Clean Up

While I haven't had a chance to give the rabbitry a THOROUGH cleaning, I did have time yesterday to remove and clean up winter garbage from the rabbitry.

Often in the winter I give the kits cardboard boxes to sit on, it's warmer to sit and fun to nibble on. When they get soiled I throw them under cages and pile them in corners and such like. So yesterday I got all that stuff cleaned up. Reorganized the shed a bit, figured out what could be yard sale materials, cleaned up crocks and just gave a good once over to the "STUFF" of rabbits. Two full bags of miscellaneous garbage as well. I'll need to have a fire to burn up the particularly horrid stuff, the ones that were relatively clean went out in the recycling.

I am hoping this coming week to clean the rabbit cages and racks themselves. I normally have this one in May but we've hardly had any nice stretches of day without rain that I didn't have something more urgent that needed to be completed first. I really would like to get all that cleaned up and smelling pretty. I was tempted to do one rack this morning but well... rain says NOT to that idea. :) So we'll hope for a good day or two next week. Will be nice to get everything cleaned up.