Friday, September 19, 2008

Miss Sara Kindles - September 19th0

Nine babies this morning. Just born.

Miss Sara seems like she'll be a good mom. She pulled good fur. She made a really nice nest.

Good first time momma! :) YEAH! :)

I'm figuring that most of them will be castors since she's a broken castor and Dad Lincoln's a self castor.

This litter will be fully pedigreed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It works well!

I talked about my mouse trap at one of my other blogs.

it works well!

I've caught three escapees thus far. One more I think to go. :)

I am very pleased.

It's almost repayed it's purchase price of $5.00. Just two more mice to go and it's all paid for.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Girl - late September 13

Middle of a downpour, rain coming in on her, not a good scene.

I think she has 11 babies. Four dark, seven broken.

I freaked momma out when I put additional rain cover over her, so hopefully all will be well this morning.

Bred to Red, these will be meat type bunnies.

New Girl is a bit under the weather so I'm helping her feed her babies with goat milk from a local farmer in our congregation.

Roxie - September 13

these ones she is raising herself, I have a CHINCHILLA (I'm happy)
this one being raised by sweetheart
She has 9 babies.

A mix of solids and brokens.
Update: She's got a real mix in colours. Amber, broken black and broken chocolate/seal/lilac, black and three I'm hoping are chocolates (but might be seals/lilacs).

Dad is Lincoln.

These are pure mini rex babies. They will come with papers.