Monday, March 2, 2009

Moss Kindles - March 2, 2009 never tell yah if I'm preggers doe...had four babies today!

I'm happy.
She's done a good job too.
Lots of fur pulled.
I added one from Star because five keep warm better than four.

I might have a chocolate baby in the mix. Now wouldn't that be fun?

dark chocolate buck

light chocolate buck (sold)

siamese sable doe (sold)

broken chocolate buck

Star - March 1, 2009

Star had her first litter with me.
Between 6-8 young.

Traded one of hers over to Montana and took two of Montana's to raise.

She is very unimpressed with me whenever I do something with her litter. I use a box to keep her chilled out.

Montana - March 1, 2009

Montana had one DOA on the wire when I came in to do chores this morning.

After church I went out and she had six in the box. pulled okay fur. Nervous momma.

I traded her two tri/harle's to Star and gave her one of Star's to raise.