Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting Sad

So my old girl Slip is starting to miss (not catch) when put with a buck. Slippers is my favourite girlie. I'm having to start facing the thought that she's nearing the end of her productive life and I don't want to see that happen. It's like...can I devote another cage to a pet rabbit?

For Slippers I will, even if all I ever get is one litter a year, or don't even get a litter. (See...I have this mental rule of not keeping unproductive animals - learned that from my dad as a youngster). But then I'm going to start praying (well..okay hoping since praying somehow in THIS particular connection seems WRONG) that Old Jack will die soon. For those who don't know...Old Jack is my OTHER retired rabbit who is 8 (almost 9) years old who is an absolute sweetheart. In the spring he looked so awful you'd think he'd be dead in three he is...7 months later and he looks better than ever). Anyways, then Slippers can go into his cage and just be a retired bunny, raise up my young girls for me, and just be a nice bunny having a relaxing retirement.

Still doesn't mean that I like it. Cause I don't. If I could get one more nice doeling from her... One like Miss Ora... I would be a happy camper. I've heard people say that 90% of your herd eventually comes from about 10% of your stock...and Slips genetics... I want to keep them. She is a healthy rabbit who breeds healthy kits. Just a very solid, calm quiet doe. She's exactly the kind of rabbit that I want to raise around here. One that is calm, curious, and very healthy.

April - December 18, kindles

One kit, DOA. Had three more kits during the night. All DOA.

Would have been a small broken black.

Donatello the dad.

Very disappointed by this.

had another two days later.

So all in all, five kits. Would have been a decent sized litter for this doe.