Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fryers Available

From jack x sally

From Hallow x Simon

From Friend Bounce x Simon

Scarlett - December 6, litter pics


buck, white toe

buck, wish it was a doe!

doe, white foot

doe, she's a sweetie, possible keeper.

Mingle - December 6, pictures

8 kits, four bucks, four does (I think!)

Very nice little fellow. Quirky
Tiny black buck

tiny broken blue otter buck
this one...a total kissy face! IF a doe, I'd be keeping for temperament and size.

broken blue buck
solid nice kit

Broken blue buck
another solid nice kit

Broken black otter doe?
a real cutie, likes to sit back and observe

Broken black doe?
just a darling

Broken blue doe
if for sure a doe, possibly a keeper

Tiny Black otter doe?
if for sure a doe, a keeper.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Maia - November 18, 2009 litter pics

in a litter of eight we had the unexpected of seven does. Now, this is sexing done at four weeks, no guarantees until 8 weeks old! :)

My potential keeper

small doe, smallest of litter

My other potential keeper

this one is a precocious brat! :)

The lone buck, just a lovely lad.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some cute pics

Whereas this little cutie fit in perfectly, almost too perfectly. I may keep this doeling.

This pic made me hoot. her butt's a bit too big for the cup!

One curious polish buck.

Maia's babies. They are at the very sweet and precocious stage of life.

Temp was supposed to kindle, she didn't. She does enjoy the nest box though. :)
I'll rebreed her in a couple of weeks.

Rabbit Tents are Tarped for the Winter

the new tent

in between the tents

The old tent

So we are mostly all tarped for the winter. I do want to add a tarp to the back end of the old tent tarp and I'm just not comfortable with it the way it is. And I want to fix up the walk way entrance a bit. I was going to leave it but decided that having a larger area cleared would be beneficial in the long run when the deeper snow and ice make an appearance. Doesn't have to be 6 feet high, I can duck for the winter if I need to. :) but we've LOTS of leftover 2 x 4's so we should be able to figure out something.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I now have Polish Rabbits

People have been asking me to get a small breed of rabbit in, so I listened.

I tried netherlands, and other than a few, most have not managed to impress me. I tried lionheads but I dislike all that hair and the inconsistency in the breed. Hotots are basically a white rabbit and thusly unappealing to me. So hubby dear asked if I'd consider Polish. So ... Polish it is!

Polish come in five colours: white, blue, chocolate, black and broken of blue, chocolate and black.

That makes getting their colours right much easier. :)

I have a blue buck, a blue doe, a mis-marked broken (she's a tricolour blue/lilac/white) and a chocolate. The chocolate doe came bred.

These are quick cage pics, I'll get nicer ones when they are out of quarantine.

the buck. this is totally him. Very curious, a gentle lad.

My mismarked broken doe
She'll be bred blue so that we get nice coloured kits from her.

a nice young girlie, currently going through her teens.

My senior Chocolate doe.
She has some stray white hairs and wee bit of a dewlap.
So she doesn't show the best.
But she's proven.
She's bred.
She's a sweetheart once you get her up in your arms.
Just a little snuggler.

She had a hard time deciding life here would be okay.
But now she's fully settled.
I'm pleased with this fiesty to survive little girl.

All these bunnies came to me from Denis Drouin of Les Fins Lapin rabbitry.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mingle - December 6, 2009

Mingle just gave birth at 1230 on December 6, 2009.

From the looks of it, 8 kits. Most are spotted. Took two dark ones out to foster to Scarlett. Makes the litters more even.

Dad is Wiggins.

Scarlett - December 6, 2009

Scarlett is now a mom.

She has five kits (I thought she had six at 2 a.m. but apparently I was wrong).

She'll be fostering two for Mingle.

Dad is Jack.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Curly - Kindles November 5, 2009 litter pics

three black kits. all very similar. two boys, one girl I think.

Catcher - kindles November 5, 2009 litter pics

this little girl looks like she'll be a big lass like her mom. love the colour, not so sure on size and type. We'll see.

Faye Kindles - November 5 litter pics

Like this girl kit, she is a tad bigger than her sister.

this litle girl is tiny, I may keep her to replace her mama

this little girlie has lopped early.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rockton Rabbit show, November 2009

Took Chase and Sol along (two young Harlequin bucks). Wondered if either were worth keeping. Decided that Chase definitely isn't, and Sol probably isn't but hanging on to him for a bit longer won't kill me either. :) Sheelagh has a lovely chocolate buck that I can get from her in the spring. :)

Whisker Gem and Quicksilver came along to be judged as well. They are Chinchilla coloured holland lop sisters and quite similar. Quicksilver received more positive comments than Whisker Gem, but is overweight (was DQ'd in one class). I'll keep her, and then see if Whisker's Gem new owner won't mind me breeding her to Dooley and then picking out a kit from that breeding. Comments on Silver: good colour, good body, lacking some depth, face and cheeks a bit thin, on the heavy side. Comments on Gem: Flat through shoulders, good colour, good head and ears.

Elliot (chocolate MR) was up against his sister and brother. His sister beat him in both shows, and he and his brother rotated positions for best opposite chocolate buck. needs work on his butt, good head, ears trifle long, lacking some density (is moulting a bit).

Ollie (homebred tri MR) did better than I expected. I even got good comments on him! He's got a good head and ears, and promising depth. :)

Ben (homebred black MR) was best senior black buck, best opposite black buck. This is good! :) And no, he wasn't in a class all on his own either. :) Good head, ears, decent density, one judge said good shoulders, the other said weak shoulders, needs work on his butt.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rearranged bunnies again!

So I"ve been busy in the rabbitry.

Moved bunnies around. Nelson freaked for some reason and ripped my shirt, dastardly rabbit! :) He's a good character though so all is forgiven.

Been building cages.

Been building racks.

Today I need to spray wash some cages for guinea pig wintering.
Need to hang some cages with Jim's help.
And get everything organized for total yard clean up!

Jim will help, Justin will go to preschool group, and hopefully objectives will be met!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mice born - November 23, 2009

litter of 3-6 pups.

First time mom, we'll see how she does.

She is golden with a touch of white.
Dad is black with white areas.

Both are smooth coats.

Mom thought she'd eat them. Stupid mouse.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Spotty - November 20, 2009

Three pups born to Spotty.

She was NOT supposed to be preggers but she managed to be! I'm glad that all went well with her.

The pups are small but healthy. At this point looks like two boars and one sow. Time will confirm these details for me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Maia - November 18, 2009

Nelson is a daddy!

Maia is a mommy!

8 kits, four white, two black? two chestnut?

Update: four white, four chestnut - two are lighter, two are much darker

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Catcher - kindles November 5, 2009

Three kits, two DOA, one remaining kit was quite chilled, it was warmed up and fostered over to Faye. Looks to be a black tricolour, time will tell for sure.

Faye Kindles - November 5

3 kits, two dark with light bellies, one broken.

Her first litter, thus far she's doing well.

She is fostering one for Catcher.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Curly - Kindles November 5, 2009

Four small black kits born.

Made an okay nest, needed to pull more fur.

They look to be all black.

Susie Q - Noevember 4, kindles

Kindles two dead kits, November 4.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Elliot is settling in

So Elliot is settling in well it would seem.

He's a chocolate mini rex buck from BKM rabbitry.

He seems content, he's eating well, learning to drink from his water bottle. Nice to have content bunnies. :)

I'll be taking a pic of him sometime within the next couple of days.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Learning the Holland Lop

Learning the Holland Lop as per standard.

Tonight I could only access the body page, but I found it helpful.

Dorchester Rabbit Show, October 17, 2009

well, I"m back.

One mini rex doe (Catcher) I didn't show as I thought she might be too big and well...she was. I asked a fellow exhibitor (beth collins who has mini rexes galore) what she thought and Beth said "She's got a good butt on her and her shoulders are too long as well, which means she has some problems with depth). I still like her and think she's got some potential. I brought her to get opinions on her.

Second mini rex doe (Curly) was best black senior doe. She's a tad heavy and her head is small for her body, BUT she's got good rib, a nice butt and she's not too long so that's all good too.

Harlequin doe (Scarlett), best senior doe...but she was the only one. Liked her chest, her feet, her face, not enough depth or loin. Things I knew. just need to find a buck that suits her to fix that. BUT she did get best opposite of variety which pleased me. Meant she didn't totally stink. The fact that she was moulting didn't help her at all.

Oh...and NO ONE liked my Holland lop buck. They loved his head but he's got a skinny butt. Since I bought him for his head and his colour...it's all good. I've got does with a good butt on them so .... it all works.

JESSE (of Jesse's Hilltop rabbitry)!!!! Got his first leg!!!!!!! His holland lop buck beat mine in the first class (came 4 out of five) but in the second class came 1 out of five. He's thrilled!!!!!!!!!!! And I am thrilled for him. YEAH!!!!!! THAT was very cool.

I learned about training rabbits to show. Learned by seeing, that many many many people do not trim their rabbits nails and that shocked me. Isn't that just asking for ripped nails? the length on some of them I thought a trifle...crazy might be a good word. Explains the caution on the part of the one judge to handle any flighty rabbits.

I met and chatted a bit with Kat, Sheeligh, Shannon and Kevin, met Jacky.

Kevin learned that his doe was really a buck and that was a pleasing thing. He wanted a buck from a buck that he sold and thought he only had does. One judge saw it, the other one didn't.

What else....learned what colour my two netherland dwarf rabbits are. Sable siamese.
Met THE cutest Netherland dwarf baby out there....BUT the owner wasn't parting with her. Might get it's sister though...but that has to wait until I get the new rabbit tent up.

oh...learned what to feel for in a rabbit. No curvatures when running your hand along their body on both sides and that height (aka depth) is good! Mini rexes need to be scrunched up.

Came home with a prearranged pick up of a chocolate mini rex buck who should help resolve long shoulder issues with my buns. (though I bought him for his colour). I"m calling him Elliot.

Had fun with Jesse and just chatting with other rabbit people.
Just overall a very good day.

AND if I have anything able to show at the end of November I'll do it again in Rockton! Might not though...we'll see. Hmm...wonder if I should try showing Ollie or Elliot or Chase? What's the worse that happens? I learn all that I need to in order to make my bunnies better. OR I can end up feeling like I"m only breeding garbagey rabbits, OR I can have lots of fun...or perhaps ALL of that. :) It's always a mixed bag and I thought it interesting how Jesse did poorly in the first class yet in the second class he beat everyone. Very cool that was I thought.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Off to my first rabbit show

So I'm heading off to my first ever attending in person with an intent to show, rabbit show!

yes, I've had rabbits shown before.

But I couldn't be there.

Now I can. :)

Should be fun I think.

Hopefully my bunnies win.
If they don't, I'll learn more. :)

I am hoping to learn stuff.
Who's know what all I don't know yet.

Are my bunnies in "show condition"? Not sure. I like them this way, but I've heard show bunnies are often "fatter". Don't know if mine are show fat or not.

So, we'll check it out and see. :)

Oh, I'm bringing Jesse with me who may or may not, be showing his buck Jesse James.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One rack redone

So I took the boards off one rack of rabbits.

The racks had been water proofed, but they didn't stand up to rabbit urine.
They were getting rather odiferous.

So I removed one set of boards from one rack.
Replaced the wood with coroplast.
Covered the coroplast with plastic.

Works okay. I"ll need to do some tweaking for the next set that I do.

Sure looks brighter and cleaner, and smells better already!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friend Bounce Litter of Sept 18 2009 pics

The girls
Blue magpie

Chocolate Mapgie

Black Magpie

The boys
Chocolate Magpie

Chocolate Magpie

black Magpie

Blue Magpie

Black Magpie

Chocolate Magpie

Black Magpie

Lilac Magpie