Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cora - January 8, 2011

six kits, Random is dad.

fully pedigreed.

early look tells me some might have decent markings.

Lost one to be dragged out of the box.

So far it's looking like two lilac magpies and three chocolates. Two of the chocolates have a face split which is hopeful. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moved bunnies around today

All the young meat boys are in one pen.
All the young meat girls are in one pen.
My keeper girls are in a bigger pen (vacated by combining the two litters mentioned previously).

My mini rex off Mary is tiny so I tried putting her in with Silver and her kits. Silver would have NONE of that, was quite determined to drive her away. SO I removed Silver and put her in a smaller cage with her two boys. Since I was putting a bunch of young does together I took out the two from Lucy. SO I have three baby Hollands, two polish, and one mini rex sharing a cage. The mini rex is about the same size as the Hollands even though it is a good three weeks older.

All the movees got a good handful of hay as that will minimize any tummy upsets that occasionally happen when bunnies are moved around.

Chelesea - December 30, 2010 kindles

Three kits.

All chocolate.

Laddie is dad.

I was surprised to learn that they are all chocolate. I expected lilacs...