Saturday, September 24, 2011

Betty - kindles, Sept 24, 2011

I came in this morning to find one tiny dead kit in the nestbox.

Betty seemed fine so I left her after removing the kit.

I finished chores and then thought I'll pull her out and rebreed her as I bred a netherland dwarf yesterday as a test breeding for a young buck. She was acting very eager so that would make it an easy test for him.

Discovered she had a stuck kit. I assisted her in getting it out (just applied some gentle pulling on an alternating angle - I learned to do this as a child on a farm when assisting cattle to calve). She found that somewhat uncomfortable but was acting even more normal when it was done. Left her with her nestbox on the off chance that she had another kit behind it. The kits head was very large and discoloured.

I won't rebreed her for a week.

She ended up having one more normal sized kit later in the afternoon. DOA.

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