Monday, October 17, 2011

Janey - October 14, 2011

not sure who did as everyone looks the same as before. Thought it might have been spotty but she pupped Sept 2, so has to be someone else.

but I don't know who.

it just doesn't make sense since Spotty is the only skinny one...

I finally figured it out, it was Janey. Figured it out by watching them closely and went hmmm... those pups are following her around a bit, wonder if she's mom. Picked her up, gave her a good going over and said, YES,.. I believe you are the momma. You don't look much thinner but picked up you feel lighter. :)

So Elmo (a short stay rescue) is the dad. I had run him with the girls to get some good socialization time in as he was pushing with other piggies and the ladies helped to chill him out.

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