Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mini Rex Does

These Two does have been together for a rather long time. (the second has her eyes up behind).
I got them from a lady who was being forced to move and therefore forced to down-size her rabbit population.

Like all the rexes I've ever met, these are the most curious rabbits I have ever met. They want to know what is going on. If there is ever going to be an escape artist...these are it!

The chocolate is a pedigreed doe. Very nice rabbit. Has lovely babies with great personalities.

The black is a lovely, lovely doe. Good body, but not great markings. Also has lovely babies with great personalities.

Mixed Breed Grey Doe - Skittles

a very skittish rabbit. Skittles remained jumpy the whole time I had her. After two litters without her settling down I found her a new placement.
One of our newer rabbits. This is a mixed breed doe. Got her from a fellow who was allergic (genuinely) to rabbits and needed to find a new home. She's a bit skittish (from not being handled by allergic people), but overall a nice doe. She acts a bit young, still trying to determine how old she is. If she is young I would like to try to partner her with another young doe. I learned this morning that she is about 1.5 years old.

Update: I'll be naming this rabbit Skittles. Seems to suit her.

Buck and Doe

Dwarf female. Has alot of attitude. Only gets along with our buck and as she is sterile (so I'm guessing as she's been with him frequently and hasn't gotten "with child"), she lives with him, keeps him good company. Only comes out when he is used for breeding. We call her, ever so affectionately... nasty rabbit! :) She growls a lot, is not nice with other rabbits, sometimes I wonder why I keep her...but there's something funny about her that makes me laugh now that she's with the buck all the time and actually snuggles with him. :) She's the protector of his turf!

The buck is a lop-ear. We call him Lop-Hop. Nice buck. Solid build. Nice attitude. Can be handled quite easily. He is our main breeding buck.

Small Mini Rex doe

Nice doe. Does best living on her own as she tends to the bossy side of attitude. Friendly. Has nice looking babies as well.