Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hoppin' Circle January Wrap Up

Fisher Farms shows us her wonderful show results and ribbons. Congrats Clint on your first leg!

The Kelfla Project shares some scientific tidbits centered around rabbits.

Bella's Rabbitry tells us about new stock she has coming in, and announces that she isn't selling out completely, after all.

At Home Pets tells us of a nice experience she had with a buyer.

4 Kings Rabbitry gives us a peak inside her extremely organized rabbitry by showing us her binder.

The Rabbit Shepherd shows that even rabbits can be supermodels.

Breeding goals are always important to have in a rabbitry. Hendricks Hearth shares some of theirs.

Rabbit Smarties is back to blogging with her post on the Rocky Syndrome.

The Fuzzy Patch shares some great changes they have planned for their herd.

The Nature Trail shows off an adorable picture of a Smoke Pearl Netherland Dwarf.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Hoppin' Circle

Anyways, this is a rabbitry blog circle.

There is a new network for rabbit bloggers called "The Hoppin' Circle".
It's interesting to see what other people do with their rabbitry blogs: photographs, record keeping, and what people do with their rabbitries.  Kinda cool.  Anyways, check it out over here.

Connie pups - January 30, 2012

This is Connie

She had three pups born

Nice looking pups, they are doing well.

Dad is Torpedo