Thursday, December 11, 2008

Annie - pups - December 11, 2008



three pups born to guinea pig Annie.

white and tan. named rainbow
tan. named clarabelle
brown/tan/black mix - two white feet. named scurry the binnie pig

Have no thought on genders yet. The tan is very easy to catch, but is quick to explore. The white and tan is the smallest. The mix colour one seems most like mom at this point.

Justin thought he should name them.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ruby - December 9, 2008

Ruby Kindled during the morning chores. 6 babies. one dark, one broken, the rest light.

Didn't pull very much fur so added some from summer litters.

This will be her last litter probably...will have to see. She pours a lot of herself into her kits. If she loses as much condition as she did last time, not sure that I want to wait minimum four months to rebreed her. She's not a big eater so it takes a long time for her to regain lost weight.

Lop-Hop the dad.