Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mice - Radcliffe Junior is a dad - July 21

Radcliffe Junior is a dad.
Doesn't seem to be the killer boy mouse that his brother was. YEAH!!!!!

The 12-15 or so babies I saw yesterday don't seem to decreased in number which is way cool. Not all the momma's have had their babies yet though so it will be interesting to see what all comes about.

I'll be penning him separately fairly soon though. Just need to get it well scrubbed out for him again. :)

Ruby - July 20, 2008

Ruby came to me from a local town.
Mini-lop, broken black girl. Had some attitude when she came. Bit me once, I'm careful with her now but she's settling down the longer I have her.

She's given us a litter of five babies. Lop-Hop is the dad.
One black (I think), and four brokens.

They are quite small but at this moment in time seem to be doing okay.

Ebony - July 16, 2008

A total surprise litter.

Did not expect littles from this small black girl, especially as her sister is bigger and more mature and SHE didn't get pregnant.

I suspect mini-rex Lincoln is the daddy as the babies act like full rex babies...very poppy in the nest box. I didn't think that she just was that close to maturity yet.

Anyways, she has four babies. Three blacks and one castor.