Monday, August 24, 2009

New New Easter - August 24, 2009

After three failed attempts with Timer (now deceased) we have a successful litter through Simon.


Simon is Dad.

NN Easter is a New Zealand Red.

9 kits alive, two DOA.

A whole range of colours! harlequins for the most part of colouring, japanese and magpies.

Bunny! kindles - August 24, 2009

Six kits born on the wire because well....fellow who cared for my bunnies while I was on holidays told me the wrong due date for kindling.

Look to be two dark, four greys or opals.

I'm pleased. She tried hard to make a nest, the kits were mostly warm yet. I'm glad I had extra fur for helping to rebuild her nest. :)

Gold Rush the daddy.

third one is is marked like an opal, but the colouring is off so not sure what it is.
one on the far end MIGHT be a chestnut, could also be a gold tipped black or something....