Monday, December 6, 2010

Aggie kindles - December 6, 2010

This doe has been niggling at me all day, thinking she was going to kindle, thinking she was going to have some trouble. Kept a check on her.

She finally had two kits at 9 p.m. One was long and stretched out, the other normal sized. Both were dead. Both were broken black.

It's a disappointment.

Damian the dad.

Make that three kits. Last one born much later, probably could have saved it had I known, ah well.

Silver Kindles - December 6, 2010

Six kits, variety of colours, self and broken.

Mr. Wiggins is dad. Five regular, one small.

Made a decent nest.

Lucy - Kindles December 6, 2010

Four kits born.


Laddie is dad.

Found them slightly chilled this morning, remade nest, added some fur and Chelesea's baby to the mix and two hours later all snuggly warm. Luce pulled more fur as well. Hopefully this litter will do well.