Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Mice Babies

In Late January I purchased four new mice girls. I put Radcliffe Junior in with them.

March 18 we had babies born. :) Two of the four have had their babies, I expect the other two will have their's soon as well.

Pretty girl had her 6 first. Then Quiet brown girl. Speckled black is not looking real pregnant, but she might just have one or two in her. Grey girl has a whole belly full.

It's always fun having babies. :)

I'll have to get pics up soon, that way you know who I am talking about.

Litter - Brown Lop

Brown Holland lop - She had four babies born yesterday afternoon. I caught her in the morning carrying straw around so I gave her a whole whack of nice clean straw to play with.

I'll need to get a picture up of her later.

These will be lop eared babies. I hope this litter makes it through okay. Time will tell.

UPDATE! She has five babies. They are all growing well. One is on the smaller side, which is probably why I didn't know it existed until today. All eyes are open. They are two weeks old today. :) They are very cute and looking lop eared already. :) All are shades of tort... one chestnut, two fawn/blue and two orange.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Record Keeping - breeding

Roxie to Lincoln - August 13, 2008

New Girl to Red - August 14, 2008

Miss Sara to Lincoln - August 15, 2008

Rex Bunnies Born - March 16, 2008

Between 10-16 babies born this morning to my mini-rex does. They look to be a mix of solids, lights, and brokens on white. Will be interesting to see how they turn out.

Dad is lop-hop.

Update! 14 babies-- two broken back black, 4 broken back tan or chocolate, 2 fawn/agouti/torti coloured, and six solid black. Pic taken March 26, 2008. Eyes are just starting to open.