Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some cute pics

Whereas this little cutie fit in perfectly, almost too perfectly. I may keep this doeling.

This pic made me hoot. her butt's a bit too big for the cup!

One curious polish buck.

Maia's babies. They are at the very sweet and precocious stage of life.

Temp was supposed to kindle, she didn't. She does enjoy the nest box though. :)
I'll rebreed her in a couple of weeks.

Rabbit Tents are Tarped for the Winter

the new tent

in between the tents

The old tent

So we are mostly all tarped for the winter. I do want to add a tarp to the back end of the old tent tarp and I'm just not comfortable with it the way it is. And I want to fix up the walk way entrance a bit. I was going to leave it but decided that having a larger area cleared would be beneficial in the long run when the deeper snow and ice make an appearance. Doesn't have to be 6 feet high, I can duck for the winter if I need to. :) but we've LOTS of leftover 2 x 4's so we should be able to figure out something.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I now have Polish Rabbits

People have been asking me to get a small breed of rabbit in, so I listened.

I tried netherlands, and other than a few, most have not managed to impress me. I tried lionheads but I dislike all that hair and the inconsistency in the breed. Hotots are basically a white rabbit and thusly unappealing to me. So hubby dear asked if I'd consider Polish. So ... Polish it is!

Polish come in five colours: white, blue, chocolate, black and broken of blue, chocolate and black.

That makes getting their colours right much easier. :)

I have a blue buck, a blue doe, a mis-marked broken (she's a tricolour blue/lilac/white) and a chocolate. The chocolate doe came bred.

These are quick cage pics, I'll get nicer ones when they are out of quarantine.

the buck. this is totally him. Very curious, a gentle lad.

My mismarked broken doe
She'll be bred blue so that we get nice coloured kits from her.

a nice young girlie, currently going through her teens.

My senior Chocolate doe.
She has some stray white hairs and wee bit of a dewlap.
So she doesn't show the best.
But she's proven.
She's bred.
She's a sweetheart once you get her up in your arms.
Just a little snuggler.

She had a hard time deciding life here would be okay.
But now she's fully settled.
I'm pleased with this fiesty to survive little girl.

All these bunnies came to me from Denis Drouin of Les Fins Lapin rabbitry.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mingle - December 6, 2009

Mingle just gave birth at 1230 on December 6, 2009.

From the looks of it, 8 kits. Most are spotted. Took two dark ones out to foster to Scarlett. Makes the litters more even.

Dad is Wiggins.

Scarlett - December 6, 2009

Scarlett is now a mom.

She has five kits (I thought she had six at 2 a.m. but apparently I was wrong).

She'll be fostering two for Mingle.

Dad is Jack.