Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Bunnies

So I heard from a rabbit friend that a rabbit lady was selling out some of her bunnies, so I contacted her.

I have four new polish in my herd and helped another rabbit breeder get a buck. :)

I have Jade, Popper, Magic and Tara.

Jade is chocolate, broodsize, proven doe.
Popper is a lovely broken black buck.
Magic is a nice black doe.
Tara is a broken blue doe that I don't really need, but can find a good use for. :) and will add more broken to my herd which I prefer.Link

Jade and Tara have had no issues adjusting to life in my herd. Magic and Popper have both needed some encouragement to believe that life here will be okay (I gave them some parsley and carrots and some probiotics to give them a kick start).

They come from Diane of Sunnyheights Rabbitry.

Betty has once again missed in breeding. She gets one more kick at the can before she heads off to a pet home. It's a crying shame as she is a lovely young doe, but keeping an non-productive doe simply doesn't work long term for me.

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