Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rosa - Kindles, December 20, 2011

After a protracted pre-birth event (starting the previous day at 8 p.m.) Rosa gave birth to two bouncing darkish kits at 4 p.m. December 20. Will be interesting to see what they turn out to be.

Fostered two lightly marked broken kits from Minx to her. This will help keep her own kits warm during this chilly weather.

I'm glad this small doe did fine with delivery, she was starting to get me worried with how long the birthing was going. The kits weren't all that large either. Hopefully next time things will go more smoothly for her.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Currently available Guinea pigs

this one is from Splotch. He's an active, talkative young lad. Smooth coat.
These are two boys from Connie. They have a soft, silky feel to their coats. The white face one I often call Pixie because that's what he makes me think of when I look at his face. Both are like mom and are quieter pigs.

this is OB, nice young pig. Born this summer. Kept because of his colour.
Decent pig, good size to him. Has some wispy hairs on his backend, otherwise a normal smooth coat. Bossy with other adult pigs, is good with young pigs.

Slip - November 5, 2011 - litter pics

Two boys and two girls in this mixed breed litter.
Slip is one of my favourite does. Bred her to a couple different holland lop bucks. Got a bit of a mixed bag for offspring. :)

the girls

the boys

Dusty - October 27, 2011 - litter pics

Buck, solid black - SOLD

buck, solid black - SOLD

doe, solid black - SOLD private sale

Kylee - October 31 - litter pics

Male, broken black - SOLD private sale
male, solid black - SOLD

Wendy - October 29, 2011 - kit pics

this little girl went as a trade to an established breeder home for a wee polish girlie.

I had intended to keep this girl, but sold her instead as I can't keep everything. :)
she went to private sale

this boy remains for sale

this boy sold to private home

Minx - kindles December 18, 2011

Minx, who didn't look preggers, or even act preggers other than making a tunnel in her nestbox, gave me a surprising 8 kits this morning.

All but two I suspect are broken. the one is a whitish in colour, the other is a dark kit.

Time will tell what they end up being.

Dad is Blaze.

New Bunnies

So I heard from a rabbit friend that a rabbit lady was selling out some of her bunnies, so I contacted her.

I have four new polish in my herd and helped another rabbit breeder get a buck. :)

I have Jade, Popper, Magic and Tara.

Jade is chocolate, broodsize, proven doe.
Popper is a lovely broken black buck.
Magic is a nice black doe.
Tara is a broken blue doe that I don't really need, but can find a good use for. :) and will add more broken to my herd which I prefer.Link

Jade and Tara have had no issues adjusting to life in my herd. Magic and Popper have both needed some encouragement to believe that life here will be okay (I gave them some parsley and carrots and some probiotics to give them a kick start).

They come from Diane of Sunnyheights Rabbitry.

Betty has once again missed in breeding. She gets one more kick at the can before she heads off to a pet home. It's a crying shame as she is a lovely young doe, but keeping an non-productive doe simply doesn't work long term for me.

Shar - December 15, 2011

five kits

Shar is dad.

all magpies as was expected. :) one kit is a fair bit smaller.

Shar is being a good first time mom, needed some encouragement to pull sufficient fur to keep the kits warm though.