Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jet - pups December 31, 2011

four pups born. One honking huge one. two were DOA.

She died as a result.

Raising up two kits that survived birthing.

For a sow that was not supposed to be bred - and came as a rescue from folks "allergic" to her, this sow was bred before getting here as running with the boar would have had her due mid-January at the very earliest. This kind of stuff angers me.

Makes me wonder what she was bred with....

anyways, her two kits are looking good. Lively, warm since they are with a boar and a sow. Both will do good at teaching the pups what to eat. :)

Feeding them hay, pumpkin with mashed pellets, will get oatmeal in the mornings. We'll see how they go.