Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bunny Sales

So... Sold two of Dolly's kits today. They were supposed to go to two different people, but the one didn't answer her phone. So.. took them both up to see the second person whose whole family fell in love with them. They simply couldn't make up their minds as to which to keep and which not to. So I made them a deal. Buy both, I'll knock $2 off the one. DONE!

Two nice bunnies. One happy family. Just lovely. :)

Then home tonight, it's 1120, a guy emails and asks to have the last one of the litter. Can he come out now to get it? I'm going to bed! :) you can have her if you come out tomorrow a.m. and get her. He said sure...not a problem.

So tomorrow I will have sold the entire litter from Dolly. No need to pet store the last kit.

Sold one for $45 (sold it twice, first sale fell through), three for $25 and two for $20 and one for $18. That works for me, helps pay feed bills for sure. :)