Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ruby's Dec. 9 litter pictures

i forgot to take a set from one of her babies. will get up later.Well...can't get a picture of her as my blue eyed, dutchie marked lop has a new home already. Very cool for her. Went to an experienced bunny person.

My son's favourite. This girlie is a doll-face. A good mix twix her mom and Her dad for personality. Nice little bun. has gone to a new home now.

Curious little explorer. Does it in a quiet calm fashion. She's a little go-getter (as far as lops can be go-getters). :)

Quiet young boy. Laid back just like his dad.

This girlie is the quietest girl of the lot. Very nice bunny temperament wise. Calm easy going girlie. I expect she'll be much like her mommy when she matures. SOLD.

well...that was incredibly disappointing

Bought this lovely doe from Kevin Bylerlay. Just a lovely harlequin. January 8th.

Noticed two days ago that she wasn't eating right....we call it going off feed.
She was still drinking but just not eating.

Brought her into the house yesterday and thought well...we try to force her to eat, keep the tummy moving, if it's just a bug at least she won't die of GI Stasis (one of the biggest bunny killers out there). did that off and on throughout the day, but didn't much like the look of her.

Found her this morning just dead. Still warm to the touch. Opened her up to see what was up and found a twisted gut (just a bit after the stomach). So... not a preventable death. Probably occurred because she was a playful rabbit and liked to hop out on the cage tops in the morning for good exercise. Perhaps if I had forced her to be a cage bunny entirely it wouldn't have happened, but she was just a young bun (8 months) who liked to be out doing things. OR for all I know the nasty neighbour cat that likes to visit early mornings thought he should give her a good scare one night. (does that sometimes). Could have been that as well.

I'd rather she had fun while she was here, but I am sorely disappointed...she was going to be a foundation dam for my harlequins. Now it's all up to Star!