Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dolly - kindles March 15, 2011

Her second litter.

Bred to Random since she wanted to breed BUT wanted the buck to do all the work and only Random was heavy enough to push her flat. Once flat, she was very cooperative.

So this is a mixed breed litter, Seven kits born. All look to be magpie or jap in colouration.

Kits will be $10 when old enough to leave home.

They are holland lop x harlequin.

this litter was three girls, three boys... all are sold.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Penny - Litter pics from January 29, 2011

Opal Doe (sold)

Charlie Opal buck

Charlie Opal Doe (SOLD)

Tricolour buck

Tricolour buck

Mr. Ed

This young buck has a new home pending outside of Toronto. He's just waiting for his young girlfriends to be to grow up. :)

He's one the nicest boys from a Random and Cora breeding.

Nicky - litter pics - January 28, 2011 litter

These kits are all male.

Gayle - Litter pics January 29, 2011


Doe (kept) Buck

Gayle has gone back to her original owner.

Rosie - January 21, 2011 Litter pics





Doe (kept)

Slip -Litter pics January 29, 2011

Seal doe SOLD

three small does: broken opal, broken castor, REW

one buck (sold), two does