Thursday, December 1, 2011

Return and New Home

So I sold a bunch of kits last weekend. All raised the same, all acting the same, all doing well...

Had been breathing fast the day before, but otherwise seemed fine. I'm thinking it was stress of the move or something as all the others are fine but for this one, and it was exactly like the others before it went to it's new home.

Anyways, I said okay, I can replace him. These are the two boys I have coming up, though you'll have to wait for them to mature a bit.

Person didn't like either, asked if could replace with a doe, if she paid the difference in price. Said sure, why not.

THEN I got a call from a gal who bought some bunnies in the spring. Could she return them?

Uh, sure (me thinking ACK! I have NO ROOM!) but I guarantee a return place so I figured something out... some crowding will happen for a short while and some piggies will have young bunny company. of them was a black otter buck...EXACTLY what the owner wanted. Took a pic... the person said WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I want him!

So...she's getting a six month old little buck who is actually of better quality than what she bought, in the colour that she really really really likes. Really tame, really social, just a nice little rabbit. I'm tempted to use him on one of my does before he goes to his new place.

Pretty cool eh?

I think it's so neat sometimes how God works things out.

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