Friday, January 6, 2012

The boys are weaned

last night I rearranged some rabbits.

I took half of biscuit's litter away...all the boys.

They ranged in weight from 2 - 2.75 lbs. They should all start doing better now that they are out of the mob. :)

Makes it easier for Biscuit to get around as well. As soon as I can I'll be getting the girls away from her as well.

These are Biscuits boys.


The guinea pig babies I had worked hard on saving didn't make it through. :(

I had expected the small one to die as it simply didn't have a lot of 'oomph' to it. But the biggest one had been eating and pooping and being all guinea pig-ish so it was coming along nicely. So I was very sad and very disappointed to see that it didn't make it.

Total bummers.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Chattering a bit

So looks like we finally have some snow again. :)
Nice to have snow, it helps to hold down the tarps over the winter.

Jets' pups are currently looking good. Both are female. hopefully they will continue to do well.

Biscuits' kits will soon to need to get out of the cage. 11 kits and one big momma make for a very crowded cage.

I'll be posting Janice's kits up on Kijiji soon. Not sure as there has been lots of interest expressed in them without posting them up. I have someone interested in purchasing the kit I was planning to hold back so I need to make a decision on that.