Thursday, March 12, 2009

Carmen - March 9, 2009 kindles

Carmen had 10 babies 2 days early. One DOA.

a mix between brown and black kits.

Made a nice nest. Has raised these babies well.

Tort Doe - pending

Tort buck - SOLD

chestnut buck

Dilute cream buck - SOLD

Tort Doe - pending

Chestnut buck

Chestnut doe?

tort buck
black buck

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rosie - March 8, 2009

four kits, in a nicely built nest.

she's as calm as can be. if all my first time moms were as chilled out as this girlie, life would be SO easy.

Two solids, two brokens.
One of the brokens is smaller than the others but nicely built.

black male
This is the sole survivor in this litter. Being raised with a blue-eyed castor mini rex.

Slip kindles - march 8.

Six kits. her first litter. nice enough nest.

kits look to be blue, black or lilac in colour, we'll have to wait for hair to be sure. Could even be chinchilla like mom. Time will tell. Turned out to be castors with one blue one. One castor has a white nose tip and blue eyes.

White nose tip, blue eyed buck

castor doe

castor buck

blue doe
Castor buck
castor doe