Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So.. I have the tent...

covered over with the extra tarps for the winter.

Good to have that done. So glad I got it done last week before this mornings snow hit.

Bunnies seem to be handling the change in weather okay.

Biscuit's litter of 12 (remaining) seems to be doing well overall. One of the small ones was looking a bit thin this morning.

Wendy's kits are doing well. One is a small kit so I'll be hanging on it for a bit to make sure it is good and strong before selling it. I think it's a doe, but it's so small it's harder for these middle-aged eyes to see.

Slips kits are VERY cute. Funny how some litters just make a body smile...but slips kits do that for me. Crossbreds so I'll sell them for $10-15.

The polish kits are a bit 'busy'. interesting to see how using a different buck affects what the kits are like. Laddie's kits were always very calm and unflappable, but these guys are a bit busier. Not skittish or nutty, just busier. Will be interesting to see how they mature.

Peek's kits are per normal. Very calm, nothing bugs them kits. Wish I'd had a couple more does in the litter, just have the one girl who isn't particularly impressing me yet. But not every rabbit is impressive.

The rescue kits are growing well, blossoms' kits I think will finish out well. Nice to watch them grow and develop and see if what I think is a good rabbit as a baby actually turns out that way. I'm getting better all the time at knowing which kits will finish well.

I pretty much have it with the meat type rabbits, still getting there with the polish. The hollands I am bringing down their size all the time. :) and finding that variety in colour is a really good thing. :) I do like the colour chocolate...but I LOVE the chin look. Just don't want all chin or it's hard to tell one from another. :)

so enough of me rambling... it's just fine to talk rabbits. :)

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