Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sweetheart's babies

I am so inordinately proud of this girl.
First litter. My own breeding! :) Did everything right. Her babies are nice, though skittish like rexes (must be their grandma's influence coming through).
Sweetheart is half rex and half small buck given to me.
Sire is Lop Hop.

two does.

two bucks
have no clue, didn't sex them. :)

Pics of Midnight's Littles

I think two boys, one girl and one I have no clue.
I think one girl, one boy.
I think one girl, and one boy.

Just love the colours in this litter. Will probably keep the biggest dark chestnut and the chinchilla if it's female. :) here's hoping. :)

Web Page Updated

I've updated the for sale page at my web page. Check it out here.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Buttons - May 26, 2008 Kindling

three days old

6-7 babies, look to be mostly all broken blacks (if not all).

She is an almost pure mini-rex.

Bred to Rascal (Lionhead), hopefully she'll do well as a first time mommy. She's built a nest well, hasn't pulled a whole lot of fur but it's not that cold out either.

She did well and her babies sold quickly. Little fluff balls. :)