Friday, March 30, 2012

Slip - Feb 18, 2012, litter pics

pointed white - private sale
pointed white, trade
black buck $20
vienna marked castor buck $20
castor doe $25

peek-a-mommy, feb 10, litter pics

 three girls
two boys - red boy sold

Rosa, litter pics, feb 24, 2012

in this litter four kits were born total. two made it to weaning age.
Sable point buck
Cream japanese.   Expect she'll be prettier mature.
She's a tiny girl and will be staying.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sera - litter pics Feb 25, 2012

 doe - keeping
 buck black tort
 black tort buck
 black tort buck
black tort buck

one of the bucks has a white spot under chin and a partially white front foot.

Minx's kits - litter pics Feb 26

These kits are all female.
broken sable point (very light colour)
black (tiny kit)
Smoke pearl - keeping
broken smoke pearl - pending placement
broken tort

This litter had two other kits that didn't make it.
a tricolour buck and a black buck

Nicky for sale

She can go as soon as her fosters are old enough to wean.

She is 1 year 11 months old.

She has had several successful litters, and always produces something.

I am tempted to try to get one more litter out of her, but am willing to let go.

$40 proven doe.

 This last summers picture
These following pictures taken March 2012.

Rustic - for sale

TM"s Rufus for sale (call name rustic)

energetic, busy boy.   Nice rabbit.   Looks better in person than on the computer.  Good solid body to this lad.   Love his personality.

1 year 9 months old.

he has chocolate throughout his pedigree.


1 leg as far as I recall.  I don't have a chance to go to a lot of shows.

He's such a character, my boy really likes him. 
These pics taken march 2012

Spice for sale

This lad is for sale.

He's a tiny lad.  Full of character and energy.   It is very difficult to get a pic of him standing still.

 He is six months old, so a young senior.  

he has not been shown as he was too young to bring to the last show of the season last year.


The pictures below taken today.  hopefully they add more detail to the pics above.

For those liking a critique of positives... he has a bold, beautiful head. Excellent head. He's a bit narrow, and his hind end is a bit weak.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blossom's boys

JD is interested in these boys so posting some outside pics of them for her perusal.

they are for the most part identical.  All weigh around the same amount.
Dad is blue, mom is an off chocolate/lilac doe.