Thursday, November 27, 2008

Carmen's own

Five chestnut, three large, two small

Two Chinchilla, one large, one small

one good size black

two large white, one small

lela's babies

November 27 pictures.
no genders given at this time, suspect three boys and five girls..but at this age, subject to change without notice. and no...can't remember who I think might be what.

broken chestnut agouti

broken chestnut agouti

Chestnut agouti


broken black

broken blue

broken blue


Midnight - November 27, 2008

Midnight has kindled. Red is the dad. This will be her last litter.

This doe has been making and destroying nests for the past two weeks. Silly rabbit.

She usually comes in early, but this time she went a day longer. I was really starting to wonder what was up with her. She's had difficulty with this litter. One DOA, one on the wire, and six shivering in a pile. Normally she kindles eight nice sized babies with all babies nice and warm in a nest.

After warming the one on the wire in my arm pit, I stuck them all in with Carmen's litter to warm up. Carmen has 11 babies and that nest is VERY warm. 1/2 an hour later I had squeaking babies so I put them in the nest Midnight has built but hadn't actually used.

Will be keeping a close eye on her as there was more blood than normal in the nesting area.

Three black and four harlequin coloured.

In the middle of the afternoon we have seven warm babies with full tummies so, at the time of this writing, so far so good. :) Lost one at weaning.