Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New pictures taken and a query

I got pictures of ALL the bunnies I need to get them onto my websites. I'm in process of building a new one. Here's the old one and here's the new one. If you have a moment can you tell me what you think? I want to make the new site highly informative and yet keep it as friendly as my old site is. What I like in the weebly one is that I can make drop down menus. What I dislike in weebly is I haven't figured out how I can put multiple pictures into one on "box". So far I can only put one in which I find bothersome. It is SO easy to do with the webs site. Does anyone know how to do that with weebly? put multiple pictures in one 'box"? thanks for helping if you do. :)

here are some of the pics I took.

A harlequin baby girl ready to sell.

My old girl Slip

and some babies from Minx.

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