Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pedigrees and programs to make them

There's the old stand by of doing them by hand.

Do you know what a pain that is?   and reading the writing of some folks is a bit of a challenge!

There are free ones : sit/stay has one.   Each pedigree has to be manually entered but you can email it to yourself.  Useful only if you have a few rabbits that you need pedigrees for OR are waiting to get a paid system and don't want to handwrite out a litter as you can print off more than one copy of a given pedigree.

and there are ones that you can purchase

Kintraks is what I use.  LOVE this program.  It's affordable.  Does what I want it to.  The owner is quick to respond.   It changes and grows.  ONE program handles all my livestock needs.  I have it for rabbits and guinea pigs and if I wanted to add cattle, sheep, goats, spiders and what have you I could do that!   All for one measly $20!   It has on-line storage and such like as well.

Global Pedigree.  This is a new program to me.  I haven't really looked at it a whole lot.

Breeders's assistant.  Tried it, was unimpressed.  Removed it from the computer since it was a pain to work with.   I know other breeders love it though so.. depends on your needs.   It may have changed in the last four years though.

Evans.  This one is highly popular among the rabbit folk.   Too pricey for my blood though.   A lot of people swear by it though.   Has a genetics component for extra dollars as well.

Cunitec.  I actually have this on my computer.   I can't recall what my thoughts were on it.  I just love kintraks though so I haven't really needed to use it.  :)

Homestead Apps   Homestead Apps released an app to help hobby and urban farmers manage their animals - My Animal Manager.   Here is a post that talks about this program as I've never seen/heard of it before.

So am I missing any?   If so let me know please.

Okay are some that I found that I know nothing about

the breeders program. seems oriented to cats. dogs. horses.
various genealogy  apps work as well.  :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rambling on a bit

So tonight I had a couple people in who wanted to buy a bunny.   A gal came with a friend.   I thought she was coming for one, but she came for two.

She had a bunny that died recently from ovarian cancer.    I learned that this rabbit had been spayed, but it still got ovarian cancer.   It seems there are a couple of ways to do surgery... one that is risky but more complete, and one that is less risky but leaves a wee bit of tissue behind.  THAT tissue can get hormonal and grow into cancer.   Weird huh?

So sad for the gal though as she'd gotten her spayed in order to avoid some of that rotten disease.

Anyways it was kinda cute.

I had the four young boy bunnies out on the floor.   Guarding them from the cats.  

This young fellow was being a real charmer. He kept hopping up into the lap of the young man.  He was so into him, it was really fun to see.  BUT that young charmer didn't go home with them.   He reminded the gal too much of the doe that she lost.  As well as the face that the gal really liked the look of the broken black boy, and then the broken orange was such a laid back baby that it ended up going along with.  Two brothers, but quite different in their personalities.

 This lad a quite laid back kit for the most part.
This lad into EVERYTHING in life.  Busy busy busy.

Anyways, it's always nice letting bunnies go into homes that are experienced with raising rabbits.  And being able to chat bunnies with people.  Always a good thing.

Blossom - kindles, January 27, 2012

Blossom gave me seven kits this morning.

She made a lovely nest and the babies are big and they are warm.

nice to see that she did a good job.

dad is Shade.

Breed is Harlequin.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Meggie - December 7, 2011, litter pics

 Female, pending MC
 Female, private sale
 Male, pet store sale
 Female, private sale
 Probable female - pending private sale
Male - pending private sale

Minx's Kits - December 18, 2011 - girls

here are her girls

 gold tipped steel - black
 solid black
 Broken black
 Broken Orange

Minx's Kits - December 18, 2011 - boys

Eight kits in this litter, four boys, four girls

the boys


broken orange

Broken black private sale
Broken fawn - sold