Saturday, September 24, 2011

Other news

I have three more does due today. Blossom has been eating less over the past three days so hopefully she'll kindle, Minx has been acting no different and if she kindles I'll be surprised, and Dusty has been madly digging in her box for the past week or so, therefore I expect kits from her (unless she just likes being a mad digger).. I've had that before so it just makes me shake my head. :) Sometimes does are very silly. :) All three of these does are new moms.

So I ended up losing all the kits in Stella's litter. As much as it bothers me to lose kits (and it very much does) I find it educational. Four kits in with Stella. Three of her own, one foster. Her milk production goes down...her three kits immediately start to have issues, her foster does a couple days later. I lose her three kits as the foster is starting to get better. All were fed the same. Why is the foster improving while her three didn't make it? The only thing I can come up with is different genetics. Different mom, different dad. It intrigues me.

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