Monday, September 12, 2011

Dazzle's Own (D) - kindles September 12, 2011

seven kits born.

This litter is a mixed breeding, trying to determine if the problem is D with bad teeth or just what is going on with her litters.

Dad...Risky, Blaze, and Bug.

We'll see what comes out of these kits.

So far they all look good, nice-sized, all have harlequin markings. Most seem to be black or blue.

one tri-colour, three black magpie, one blue magpie, two lilac/chocolate magpie.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Janice - Kindles, September 11, 2011

Five kits, two are smallish but not tiny.

They all look good.

Expect I'll get a pointed or two, two solids, and one broken.

Bandit is dad.

we have surviving one solid chestnut, one broken chestnut and one smallish frostie.

Chana - Sept 10, 2011 - kindles

Chana was a look like Wiggers doe.

She was purchased, I get a kit back. She had three kits.

Blaze is dad.