Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lop Hop

Lop Hop.
He's my first buck. He's part of my real foray into the world a pet rabbit breeding. Sept. 2007.

I got him from a fellow who wanted some californian rabbits from a friend of mine. he had no use for Lop Hop and his sister Brown Doe (I know, real original name I gave her eh?). So he gave them to me as long as I gave them a decent home.

Lop Hop is in a temporary cage which needed to be buttressed a little. HE ESCAPES! Give this bunny a chance and he's off out. Outside he's fairly easy to catch, in a garage...COMPLETELY different ball game! :)
He's VERY people friendly. Gets along with anything and everything. Easy to pick up, pet, handle, move around from place to place. All around a good rabbit.
Breeds good bunnies that sell well.
I am very pleased with him as a rabbit.

Rascal - Lionhead Buck!

Another purchase from the London Market that no one else wanted. I took him (apparently, learned this today, she is a him!) home for $1.00. I've named him Rascal because it just seems to suit him. :) Double-checked because I noted my calm quiet buck that I had added to the cage with these young does was not being particularly friendly with this youngster and was actively chasing him away from the young does. And yes, the other two ARE young does. :) I had wondered what was up with that and now I know. ARGH....mental note...Do not trust other folks. Check them out yourself just to be sure.

Solid grey, with a mane. Have NO clue how old he is. He is tiny. Based on how he acts I'm guessing that he's around four months old. Late developer for sure. Everything is very small on this young buck, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that he was thought to be a she!

VERY skittish. Hoping in time he'll settle down. He's obviously never been handled.

Has a nice mane.

Today was the first time in two weeks that he's poked his head up to see what's going on in the big world around him. AND he's getting closer when I water him in the mornings. :) So perhaps he'll soon realize that I'll not hurt him and that life is pretty good around here.

Buttons - Pedigreed Mini Rex

This here bunny is Buttons.
She came as a trade from LilyLane rabbitry.
I traded one of my mini rex young does for her.
She has a pedigree, and if I bred her to a pedigreed buck I could show her babies! :)

She is a quiet doe who as she matures is showing more of the rex attitude that I just so enjoy. She is curious and alert. Will come up for pets and a treat. Her fur is really nice. She's a bit thin not as solid feeling as I like my rabbits to be, but that might be an age factor and we'll have to see how she does as she matures.

Miffy - dutch mix doe

Miffy came to me from a single parent home with a five year child, large dog and two cats. Mom didn't have time or finances for so many critters so a cat and the bunny had to go! I took the bunny and I had no desire for the cat. :) She came here in early March.

a FAT rabbit. I have never seen such a very fat rabbit before. wow! FAT. One could hardly pick her up she'd had too much food and not enough hopping! She's in better shape now!

I tried pairing her with a variety of does but they took "rabbit dislike" to each other immediately. I was starting to wonder what I would do with her and then...Mayin came along. These two bunnies like each other. They are often found grooming each other. Life is good. Hope that continues when Mayin has her littles. But we're hoping for good things. :)

She's a docile rabbit. Easy to handle. Hoping as she loses weight she'll be more curious as Dutchies are apt to be. She's starting to come to the door when I feed them now and let's me give her a nose rub. So... all is coming along. :)

I'm fairly certain she's a dutchie cross and her head seems dutchie, but her colouring/marking is off. Her body will tell me more when she loses the excess weight. :)

Mayin - chestnut lop doe

This doe I purchased pregnant at the London market. I got her because she was bred to a buck and their youngsters from their first litter had interesting markings. I thought it would be good to see the markings from this litter to be.

She's been badly handled/treated. I was unimpressed with the condition of this doe. This after talking with the lady who had owned her who had said that she needed to sell off her poor babies, and how could she part with them. They were her darlings etc... NOT my idea of how one should treat their darlings! Even the babies weren't in the best of condition. :( She needs her nails trimmed and to be brushed out a bit, but I'm letting her settle into her new digs first.
Anyways, she's being fattened up prior to her eminent kindling. I have her partnered with Miffy (a grey doe). They groom each other. It's like these two were meant to be together they get along so well. Have NO idea what to call her at this point - she's more of chestnut colour than my other female lop.

Dutchie - Chocolate Dutch Buck

Of the three dutchies I got free back in February (or late January) two were bucks. They were late bloomers as I thought they were females when I got them too! Ah well. One left for a new home. I kept the bigger and quieter of the two. He is a very solidly built rabbit. He's badly marked, but that's okay as I'm NOT showing him as purebred.

He is an alert young buck who given a chance for freedom will take it, AFTER he has thoroughly assessed if there is any danger waiting out there for him. When brought into the house will sit quietly on whatever towel he is placed on by my toddler and is content to stay there. Just a young fellow he has to grow into his personality a bit more.

Scruffy - black lionhead buck

Scruffy came from the London Market. No one else wanted him so for a $1.00 I brought him home. Figured the worst that could happen is I'd sell him again in a few weeks or so.

He's not a buck used to being held. but he'll let a person handle him and pet him in his cage.
He's alert but not particularly curious about things. Not cage aggressive at all.

Nice rabbit.

SOLD him for $5.00 to Emusing Acres.

Dutch Doe

This doe was part of three bunnies that I got from a young lady who couldn't find a new home for them. I was supposed to get three does from her, ended up with one black doe and two chocolate bucks. One of those bucks found a new home. The doe I kept. She's fairly tame. As they were free, the price was right. :)

Not sure if she is bred or not. I found out her brothers (which I also thought were females) when boys when I caught them "trying to make nice" with her and she was having none of it. She doesn't get along well with other rabbits at the moment so she is penned separately.

I'll give her another couple of weeks to see if she has littles. If she doesn't then she'll be old enough to breed and we'll what babies we get out of her crossed with a black lionhead.

Update: kindled Sunday April 6, 2008 in the morning right after church let out. Five living babies. One Chocolate, the rest black.

Spotted Quiet Doe - March 3, 2008 litter

This litter was born March 3, 2008. Five were born. First litter for quiet doe. Of the five, four made it cage change (for more room for littles to hop around). All are varying shades of fawn/tort.
The tort colors are usually apparent at birth. The tort will look orange with smoky blue color on the points and belly. The blue tort will be a lighter fawn color with a silvery gray color on the points and belly. The chocolate tort, on the other hand, will look like a self colored orange. The chocolate points will show up later. The lilac tort simply resembles a self fawn color. Here too, the lilac points show up much later - if they do show up.

Taken at two weeks of age.

Taken at just under three weeks, just before cage change. Smallest one died.

These are the darker for the four. Both are male.
The one sitting up is bolder. Likes to get into things.
The one lying flatter is a quiet buck who takes a bit to start exploring.
These taken at almost four weeks.

The lighter two of the four.
The one looking away is smart, at almost four weeks knows how to run away from me already! :)
One doe, One buck.
Nice little rabbits, on the quieter side until they are comfortable, then into EVERYTHING!

And here are their parents:

This is quiet doe: She is a very stolid rabbit. Easy to care for rabbit. She is a very content rabbit who likes to sit and watch what's going on around her.

This is Lop-hop the dad. He's a Holland Lop. Lots of personality, very people friendly. Give him a chance to escape and he'll take you up on the offer. :) Nice rabbit. We are very pleased with him.

Spotted Doe - March 3, 2008 Litter

Six babies born March 3, 2008. All seem healthy and momma is content. Five babies made it through to cage change (bigger box for babies to run in).

This pic taken at 2 weeks.

They've grown well. :) Always nice to see babies grow well. She's a good momma.Taken at 3 weeks of age.

Almost 4 weeks old, Mostly white is male, the broken black is a female.
Darker one is quick to dig around and get into things. :)
Mostly white likes to hop fast and wants to know what's going on.
These to are very curious bunnies and quick to explore.

I am fairly certain this will be a male. Smallest of the lot, hardest to sex at almost 4 weeks.
Very quiet, seems a lot like dad. Solid black rabbit.

Lighter probably female, darker probably male.
If darker turns out to female it'll be kept as it is a really really nice rabbit.
Mix of personalities, they are broken back blues.
Curious yet quiet bunnies.

This is mom. She is a curious, busy rabbit.
This is dad. We call him Lop-Hop. If he can escape he will. :)