Saturday, October 17, 2009

Off to my first rabbit show

So I'm heading off to my first ever attending in person with an intent to show, rabbit show!

yes, I've had rabbits shown before.

But I couldn't be there.

Now I can. :)

Should be fun I think.

Hopefully my bunnies win.
If they don't, I'll learn more. :)

I am hoping to learn stuff.
Who's know what all I don't know yet.

Are my bunnies in "show condition"? Not sure. I like them this way, but I've heard show bunnies are often "fatter". Don't know if mine are show fat or not.

So, we'll check it out and see. :)

Oh, I'm bringing Jesse with me who may or may not, be showing his buck Jesse James.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One rack redone

So I took the boards off one rack of rabbits.

The racks had been water proofed, but they didn't stand up to rabbit urine.
They were getting rather odiferous.

So I removed one set of boards from one rack.
Replaced the wood with coroplast.
Covered the coroplast with plastic.

Works okay. I"ll need to do some tweaking for the next set that I do.

Sure looks brighter and cleaner, and smells better already!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friend Bounce Litter of Sept 18 2009 pics

The girls
Blue magpie

Chocolate Mapgie

Black Magpie

The boys
Chocolate Magpie

Chocolate Magpie

black Magpie

Blue Magpie

Black Magpie

Chocolate Magpie

Black Magpie

Lilac Magpie

Sally litter of Sept 23 2009 pics

The Girls
not showable, but very nice kit
has one white foot

The boys

Very solid boy

Good kit

I like this kit

Rosie litter of September 20 pics

The girls

Gold tipped black steel


Unknown Gender


The boys

Black Silver Martin


Bail's litter of Sept 23 2009 pics

The girl

The boys

quiet lad

curious lad - pending April

Perky fellow

Slip's litter of Sept 19, 2009

The Girls

Quieter, shyer kit

What's up??? I want to know!!!!

This broken grey pending to Courtney

Quieter little girl

The Boys

this boy is very sweet and docile

Very attentive laddie this

Nice little boy