Monday, August 4, 2008

New Bunnies

Betty gave me a chocolate rex in exchange for a mini lop and I bought a magpie rex for $10 from her as well. Two new babies does in my household. Stomper (May 2008) and Kinnie (June 2008).

I've four that will be going out within the next 6 weeks. So I'll have room for them. Ruby, New Girl, Ebony and Ivory will be going elsewhere, possibly Sweetheart as well, we'll have to see about her. I'm also going to get rid of one of my bucks at some point. I don't need five bucks in a small rabbitry. :)

Three youngsters to find new homes on Thursday. Two lops and one mini lop/rex cross. Then I'll be dividing up girls and boys into different cages and going on from there. Oh, and some of the growers are about finished growing as well.