Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rabbits are Home Again

So my bunnies are home again. :)

Jesse took good care of them though he found them a lot of work! :)

I'm pleased.

I have one bun who disliked coming home and sneezed for a couple days about that, but all her kits are healthy and well. Yesterday I only caught one sneeze and I was out there for a fair long time. So I think she's all settled again.

Hallow has nine kits remaining of her original eleven, not bad for a first time mom. Lost two kits to being dragged out/popped out of the nest.

Sold Baskin, Elsie and a young red.
Sold Bunny!'s daughter and Rosie's as well.
Someone coming today to check out Rosie's remaining boy as well.

All is good in bunny world! :)