Friday, March 27, 2009

Dayle Kindles - March 27, 2009

Five kits. Good sized, a bit bigger than her last litter.

All black.

No surprise there as Dayle is all black, and Balder Pig throws ALOT of black as well.

They will be 1/3 pedigreed mini rex.

1.5 hours

It took me 1.5 hours to remove two rows of cages...clean them, scrap them. Clean off the racks. then move the racks, dig them out of the ground that they had sunk into, and then replace the cages and insert all the bunnies into them again. Moved some around as well.

I expect the other two sets will take me equally as long.

In the meantime my son played in the sandbox, played with my water, made mud puddles in the backyard, and my hubby worked over at the church.

Sold some rabbits

So I sold some rabbits yesterday.

I sold them to Crystal who lives up in Orangeville. She purchased 8 rabbits.

She even took our beloved lop hop, and has promised him a good home. Apparently he sat on her lap for a good portion of the way home.

Lop Hop
Kaylee with two kits.
NN Easter's last girlie
Dayle's daughter and
One of Miss Sara's daughters.