Friday, April 24, 2009

Sold all easter bunnies!

All my Easter litters have been sold....well okay...waiting for three castor kits and one red to sell off.
Also selling Beth as I just can't get her to catch. Very frustrating that.

um...what else?

Thursday went to market and sold kits to Crystal, Lynn, Amy and Melissa. Lynn also took Moss with the promise of a kit back. Amy took Carmen with promise of a kit back.

All seemed pleased with their purchases.

Bought a new doe from Farfelu. Cookie Dough. Reminds me a lot of Red. Shannon said I should breed her when she hits about 6 pounds.

So all I have left now is three empty cages, and kits growing up. Fun times. :)

Cleaned all out!

Kelly was up on Saturday.

We cleaned out the entire rabbit tent!


Rabbits were rearranged.

Bunnies were kept happy.

Smells SO much better in there.

Now to rework gardens and get rid of bunny compost. :)

Removed tarp etc.

So today I took the green tarp off from over the rabbit tent.
Boy does that make it so much lighter in there.

Jim helped me put the doors back on.

I put one end of the tent back up, since it might rain today. I figure over the summer I'll leave the tent end on, and just roll up the ends.

I can take the far end off frequently to let as much wind through as possible to keep it light and airy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nest box eye

I am always amazing at the recuperative powers of bunnies.

Kinnies' kits.
Five in the litter, two struggled a bit with nest box eye (cleaned box late). All seemed good for three days, checked them this morning again..... all good except one with a bad eye.
It was horrid...never had a kit with such a bad eye.

Cleaned it out. Added one drop of optimyxin (over the counter eye drops)
the eye is good. Not better, but much better after less then 8 hours.

I am pleased. This kit should not lose the sight in this eye.

Lela - Kindles April 22, 2009

8 kits.

Most look broken. Two might be frosteds or whites. Hoping for a real doe this time around that is worth keeping.

Bunny! Kindles - April 16??

Not sure on date. Was starting to think hadn't caught, went to clean out nest box, found one kit buried way in the back corner.

It's a chocolate!!!!!