Monday, October 10, 2011

God's Grace

So today was Canadian Thanksgiving.

We went to my folks for lunch. We had an enjoyable time.

Got back, I went out to check on bunnies as I had a couple litters due. Got out there just in time! Four kits on the wire, three cold, one warm. stuck the warm one in a nest and stuck the other three in my bra and then bundled about tidying up nestboxes, making sure everyone will be able to stay warm over the next couple of days as it gets colder out.

Once kitlets were warm again I put them into their respective nests.

So thankful that God planned that out so well for us. I dislike losing kits if I don't need.

Peek-a-mommy - kindles October 10, 2011

7 kits, two found on the wire.

Only one was cold though, so warmed him up.

Peek fed her litter after I changed out the dirty stuff and made her a better nest.

Bug is dad.

Tami - kindles, October 10, 2011

8 kits born.

Blaze is dad.

Two were found on the wire so needed to be warmed up.

Looks at this point to be a mix of chestnuts and tricolours. :)