Saturday, March 15, 2008

Scaredy Cat

So Scaredy Cat (see pic in this post) had babies, I think 6 of them, born yesterday early.

Her first litter of this new year, Mr. Boy's second. Scaredy Cat has "mommed" before and had nice babies, though a bit on the small side. We'll have to see how these ones do. Hopefully with having a new male, these babies will not be on the small side of the scale.

They will either sell to the pet store for 65-85 cents each OR they will sell privately for $1-2 each. Depends a lot on colouring and hair length.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 11, Skittles the grey doe Kindles

Well, I've been surprised before, but this was a nice one.

I was thinking that we'd had a missed pregnancy.
But Skittles, my grey doe has just Like...within the last three hours, given birth to some babies. Have no clue how many, have no clue if she'll be a good mom, but we have babies. :)
Update: two littles ...dark grey or black. Time will tell. :)

Her first litter. I hope it is a healthy one, if not, I can blame it on her being a first time mom. :)

Update: two solid black babies. The one is larger than the other. Very fat and content babies.

UPDATE April 6, 2008: two black babies. BIG littles! My goodness these two have grown well. One doe, one buck. Very nice little bunnies. The doe is the bigger of the two. I will probably keep her as she is a lovely young rabbit and I don't need the male at all. :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Black Does and The last of their Littles

Black Doe 1 (Midnight)

Black Doe 2 (Snowflake)

Their littles:

This little buck has a home, to go sometime this week:Update- went to his new home on Thursday March 13.
This little buck is going to the same home as the above:
Update- went to his new home on Thursday March 13.
This one white spotted doe MAY have a new home, person is still contemplating.
Update: this one has found a new home. To be with a child for Easter. Set up in barn.
These two does were spoken for, but I have been unable to set up a delivery time, so not entirely sure if my whole litter is gone or not. If not, These two lovelies will stick around a while. :)
Update: this one has found a new home. To be with a child for Easter. Set up in barn.
Update: this one has also found a new home.
And this of course is Dad, brown lop-eared buck.

Mice - first litter for Mr. Boy and last for Star

We had mice born on Feb 22.

They opened their eyes a couple of days ago.

Today I was able to take a couple of pics of them. I'm not sure what gender they are at this point. I'm hoping they are female. They are a nice size for their age.
Mom is the one with the star on her forehead. She is my oldest mouse. This will be her last litter. She shall be in retirement. Very nice mouse, with a calm easy to handle temperament. I have really, really liked this mouse.I will hopefully get a litter from the brownish mouse (scaredy cat) in the next couple of weeks.

This here is dad. He is a young mouse. Hasn't had babies before so it will be interesting to see what kind of littles he throws.

Bunnies Born for Easter Crowd

This was posted at my other blog, just copied it over here so it would be with all my other bunny posts. Will hopefully update it to include pics of the youngsters that I have left and/or are going out soon.

Picture courtesy of Havana Rabbits.

So the two bunnies that I got from Fred (the black girls) had their kits born yesterday (Jan 31). They had a whole whack of them. Not sure if both kitted out or just one(both had kitted), but there's a fair number of them in there. I moved them just in time so they had a nesting box ready for them. :) Yeah for me doing that in the nick of time. :)

And lop hop's sister (brown girl) had ONE baby born this morning. I put two of the black girl babies in with it as when I touched it, it was fairly cold but still kicking. I warmed it up until it was moving fairly well and then added the two others. I don't know if brown girl will accept them, but three babies will keep each other warm, whereas one baby can't. And I want to give brown girl a chance to raise a baby (or three) successfully. Hopefully it will work and then at Easter they can find new homes to live in.

Updates: Black does had 12 babies that they successfully raised. 8 solid black, two spotteds, two black with white on nose. Had 13 but lost one. As of this writing, all but 3 are sold, and those may be sold this week.

Brown lop did not manage to successfully raise any of her youngsters.