Thursday, April 24, 2008

Did an Exchange of Rabbits - April 15, 2008

Brown lop doe for a white female supposed to be lop, but ears don't stay down, but I know it has lop in it so should be okay for breeding lop eared bunnies. Supposed to be 2-3 months old.

Two young lop males for about 4 month old lop bi-colour male and cute brownish lop female (about two months).

Had Skittles bred by a Rex rabbit.

Had my lop-lop breed a doe.

Traded my brown dutchie buck for a black dutchie buck.

Learned a bit more about what I don't like in rabbit keeping. Keeping rabbits in small cages. Yes, helps to minimize space commitments, but doesn't let rabbits be rabbits. Hopping, boinking, chewing, digging, being curious about life and stuff, that's what I like to see rabbits doing.

Be one thing if I was a meat rabbit producer, but for mostly pet rabbits I say...give them some room to stretch their legs out a bit!

Dutch bunnies

So Blaze's babies are growing well. Born April 6, these are good little bunnies. She has four black and white and one chocolate and white. None have great markings, but they look like dutchies.

One of them growls when I pick it up unless I cuddle it to me and cover it's head. It's actually quite funny in some ways. This wee one is just two weeks, just a wee bundle of bunny and it growls the entire time you are holding it. The others are just fine when I pick them up, just this one that growls. Doesn't bode well for having a good temperament.

I have a young lady who is quite interested in the chocolate baby already. She'll probably take that one home in three weeks with her. She's going to build it a nice cage first. :)