Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rockton Rabbit show, November 2009

Took Chase and Sol along (two young Harlequin bucks). Wondered if either were worth keeping. Decided that Chase definitely isn't, and Sol probably isn't but hanging on to him for a bit longer won't kill me either. :) Sheelagh has a lovely chocolate buck that I can get from her in the spring. :)

Whisker Gem and Quicksilver came along to be judged as well. They are Chinchilla coloured holland lop sisters and quite similar. Quicksilver received more positive comments than Whisker Gem, but is overweight (was DQ'd in one class). I'll keep her, and then see if Whisker's Gem new owner won't mind me breeding her to Dooley and then picking out a kit from that breeding. Comments on Silver: good colour, good body, lacking some depth, face and cheeks a bit thin, on the heavy side. Comments on Gem: Flat through shoulders, good colour, good head and ears.

Elliot (chocolate MR) was up against his sister and brother. His sister beat him in both shows, and he and his brother rotated positions for best opposite chocolate buck. needs work on his butt, good head, ears trifle long, lacking some density (is moulting a bit).

Ollie (homebred tri MR) did better than I expected. I even got good comments on him! He's got a good head and ears, and promising depth. :)

Ben (homebred black MR) was best senior black buck, best opposite black buck. This is good! :) And no, he wasn't in a class all on his own either. :) Good head, ears, decent density, one judge said good shoulders, the other said weak shoulders, needs work on his butt.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rearranged bunnies again!

So I"ve been busy in the rabbitry.

Moved bunnies around. Nelson freaked for some reason and ripped my shirt, dastardly rabbit! :) He's a good character though so all is forgiven.

Been building cages.

Been building racks.

Today I need to spray wash some cages for guinea pig wintering.
Need to hang some cages with Jim's help.
And get everything organized for total yard clean up!

Jim will help, Justin will go to preschool group, and hopefully objectives will be met!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mice born - November 23, 2009

litter of 3-6 pups.

First time mom, we'll see how she does.

She is golden with a touch of white.
Dad is black with white areas.

Both are smooth coats.

Mom thought she'd eat them. Stupid mouse.