Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sold and bred

Sold three kits today, a rescue doe, a harlequin doe and a new zealand/harlequin mix buck. Went to a lady out in Tavistock area who is wanting to start a colony of bunnies.

Then I bred Bella to Aero Bar and Nicky to Rustic.

I took pics of almost all my kits and some of my seniors, and hope to get them up on my new website tonight. I am still trying to sort out colours on two of Wendy's kits.

thanks all I got tonight. :) I'll probably post pics of kits up here tonight as well. Litter pics and all that. :)Link

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bunny Chat

I was disappointed this morning to see that Nicky's litter was dead, but thrilled to see Meggie's. This is unfortunately the reality in raising bunnies is that sometimes things don't work the way you want them too.

I moved some kits around to make room. Violet and Vivian live together and are getting to the age where if things are going to go poorly they will, occasionally I see tuffs of fur but for the most part they are doing well. I am hopeful to live them together for a good spell yet, but now I have a cage available should I need it.

Rustic is proving to be a total little character. He's the new buck I got from Les.

I was given a sweet little ND buck the other day. He'll be looking for a home since I simply have no need for an ND buck. Very nicely tempered. He was desperate for a nail trim so that went well.

What else??? Went over to a friends the other day and helped her with the whole breeding her bunnies thing, offered a helping hand in other ways as well. We had a nice visit.

Meggie - December 7, 2011, kindles

Miss Meggie kindled last night.

NINE kits. I would not have suspected this small doe had nine in her.
Three were unfortunately dead, but we have six thriving youngsters.

They look to be magpie or harlequin in colouring which is way cool.

Aero Bar is the daddy.

Nicky - Kindles, December 7, 2011

two kits, doa

One kit was somewhat stretched so suspect difficult delivery.

Mitch the sire.