Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rescue Rabbit - Flemmy cross

Posting this for a customer as this boy may have a home.

this is a very tame, hand raised, so I'm told, 3/4 flemmish giant.  Not sure what the other 1/4 is.

Rescue rabbits

Young rabbit breeder got in over her head.
Gave me a bunch of rabbits to simply have them gone.
Best offers take them home.

May retain the senior buck and one of the magpie does.

Japanese chocolate harlequin Senior buck

Japanese Senior Doe

Two magpie junior does

one japanese junior doe
japanese junior buck

Biscuit outside

Since Biscuit does not tolerate heat well, I have her moved outside.

I'm not crazy about where I have her (in an old guinea pig cage) but she's covered, her nestbox is protected, and she is outside.

I have someone giving me a bunch of rabbits tonight, so I needed to make room for them in the isolation tent.  meant a whole lot of rabbits got moved around.

I am hoping over the summer to make a nice solid cage for Biscuit so she can just stay outside year round.  I think that overall that will serve her well.   She really just likes being cold, and she's a good producer, and she's the last offspring of Old Jack and as such holds a special place in our hearts, therefore I have no issues accommodating her needs.

Dusty kindles May 1, 2012

 Dusty is mom
Spice is dad.

Together they produced four offspring.
one is a peanut
looks like one white, two broken.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Spotty pups April 30, 2012

 Four pups born, one DOA
two are quite large, one is small and weak
 Spotty unfortunately died. 
I'm guessing the size of the two large pups was a factor
as she was a healthy, well experienced sow.
Tanner is dad.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Peek-a-mommy kindles April 28, 2012

seven kits, three DOA.
Born one day late with fur.  big kits.
Found her sitting on them on the 29th feeling a bit coolish so plopped them in with Violet's kits.   They will keep them nicely warmed.